New Amp/Pre Amp for Paradigm Persona 9h Speakers

Looking to upgrade my amp and pre-amp for my main 2-channel set up.  I have a pair of Paradigm Persona 9h speakers.  Currently running the Anthem STR Pre Amp and STR Amplifier.  Planning to move the Anthem gear to my study that has a pair of Paradigm Persona Bookshelf speakers.  Have been researching the following options for the new electronics:
- Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE Integrated Amp
- Dan D’Agostino Progression Integrated Amp
- T+A PA 3100 HV Integrated Amp
- Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature Pre-Amp + L2 Signature Monoblocks

Other gear in my main 2-channel set up includes Innuos Zenith MKIII and Technics 1200G.  Looking for a pre-amp/amp or integrated on the warmer side.  Also open to buying a separate DAC (or consider a built-in option).

Would be interested in feedback on any of these options.  In addition, if someone with the Persona 9h speakers has another recommendation, would appreciate any suggestions.

Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE Integrated Amp : organic sound, a bit of roll off
in the high frequencies. Best if you change the stock tubes.
( According to an owner I know )

You may take a look at Soulution INT 330 : 120 watts 8 ohm , 240 watts 4 ohm, 480 watts 2 ohm Class A
Not bright. I am an owner. paired to Audiovector R6 Arreté.

Based on my demo of those speakers... I would be looking for smooth, organic, etc.  

Solid State or Hybrid - Pass, BAT, McIntosh

I might even consider tubes with those speakers, particularly given the active bass.
With those speakers you certainly have lots of options as they don’t require a ton of power, and you’ve already got some great options listed. The key, I think, is how to get you more warmth without going too far. Honestly the first thing that came to mind if I was in your situation would be a Raven Audio integrated amp as they seem to inject some tube goodness without sacrificing detail. On the solid state side I’d add Gryphon and Vitus as again their Class-A integrateds portray good tonal density but with refined treble detail. Just a few other ideas FWIW, and best of luck.

Oh, and as for a DAC, with a system at this level I’d absolutely go with a separate DAC, and one at the top of my list would be a Mojo Mystique V3 Evo although there are lots of great ones out these days. 
@mi4 I have demoed the 3F | 5F | 9H and do not own any of them. If I had bought any of those speakers I would pair it with the CODA #8 amp or CSiB integrated. I would get version 1 of either, which is 150 watts @ 8 and the first 18 watts in Class A. I have the CSiB version 1 and I use it as a headphone amp on a RAAL SR1a headphone. The RAAL is as bright as the BE drivers on the Persona. Not saying that is a bad thing. I love the RAAL and the CODA it is a perfect match.

The CODA #8 or 16 with their top end preamp would likely be pretty nice and appropriate combo with the 9H. 

Another integrated I bought for the RAAL (to be shipped soon) is the Krell K-300i. It is another warm sounding SS integrated. I bet it would also be great with the 9H. This integrated has something called iBias to deliver Class A power. There is a whole range of new Krell amps with this iBias tech. 

On some other A'gon 9H threads there are many posts with people posting about using tube amps with the 9H. 

I do not own your speakers but have heard them and I personally have GE Triton Reference speakers which also have powered woofers. My speakers have a 93.5 efficiency and I tried a tube integrated on them, namely a Rogue Cronus Magnum with 100wpc. I was truly underwhelmed with the sound. My woofers are powered by 1800 watt Class D amps so I am driving just 2 midrange sand tweeter with the tube integrated.

I went to solid state and used my Odyssey Stratos Extreme amp, it sounded much better, I then hooked up my CJ MF2550 a 250wpc SS amp, sounded Very slow and thick. Finally settled on a McIntosh, first a 150 per channel amp and finally a 300wpc Mac amp. Now everything sounds full and perfect (to my ears). I am telling you this because not everything will match well with your speakers.

I would look for a good SS amp. I believe that Audio Doc in NJ sells both the speakers you own and that T&A integrated. Perhaps you can demo and go from there. I would either go with that T&A or a McIntosh integrated with at least 150 wpc.
Thanks for all for responding.  Really appreciate the thoughts and suggestions.  

Also own these speakers, and have an Accuphase E650  at present. Am considering others as well, and the new Boulder 866 has come to my attention. A review in an English audio mag suggested these speakers DO need a substantial amount of power, as they dip to about 2 ohms at a point in their response. I'm using 30 watts Class A, and would like to try a warm sounding high power source to see what changes I perceive. 
The Boulder Digital includes a DAC/ROOM setup, so it hits a lot of buttons for me.  Just a thought....
Do not forget accuphase it is definitely the best integrated amplifier that i have and it works with all kinds of speakers vintage and new.
I have the 7f and by far the pathos logos mk2 was my favorite for the way it flushed out the lower mids. If you can get a demo, because it also makes images less pinpoint it will depend on your priorities.