new amp or integrated to match dynaudio 1.3 se

my proceed bpa-2 (125wpc) doesn't seem to be enough wattage(current?) with my 1.3se's and i want to upgrade. i would like to keep the price at @ $3500 and don't know if it would be best to buy a new amp like the mccormack dna 225 (no dealer in my area) to match with my adcom gfp 750 preamp or just be done with it and buy an integrated. i have heard much good about the plinius 9200 and i'm tempted to by it on faith alone. (my nearest dealer is about 9 hrs away) i'm using a naim cd3.5 with synergystic research speaker cable and feel my amp/preamp are probably my weakest link. my 15/12 room is open to dining rm and my listening is about 98% classical music. thank you for advice..wish i'd found this site earlier
A friend uses the Plinius 8200 Mk II with great success; others to consider, going by used prices, are the McIntosh MA6900 and for a little more the Rowland Concentra II, which I use and enjoy.
I also had great success with combination of these speakers and Plinius 8200 MKI. Plinius and Dynaudio work well together: I matched Contour 3.0's with SA102 and M16 pre, also with very musical results. Good luck.
thank you..a dealer is going to let me try a musical fidelity amp. i feel like i'm leaning towards the plinius at this point. it's tough being in a place where you can't demo some of this equip. (i might also be able to find the mcintosh to try.. thanks again for the helpful advice!!