New amp models from Krell, how about preamp ?

Krell has updated their entire line of FPB amplifiers with CAST II technology. Just checked Krell's website but no further info is available. Are they going to update the KCT preamp ? Is original CAST and CAST II compatible ? Does anyone have more info ? Thanks.
if krell remains true to form, of course there'll be a new pre. i mean, there's been a new model pre in the line every quarter for the past 10 years. and so it goes. or so it seems. -cfb
Why this sarcasm? As far as I know over the past 10 years or so Krell has produced only three topgrade preamps: the KRC and the KRC-HR (who shared the same cosmetics) and the recent KCT. In all those years there were only two more keenly priced models based on the KRC topmodels: the KRC-2 and the KRC-3 respectively.

At this very moment Krell has only ONE preamp in their program: the KCT. As yet they still haven't come up with a replacement for the KRC-3 in the ca. $4k price range. Not what I would call model clutter or the "this year's model" syndrome.....

As the two-zone architecture of the KCT is not strictly necessary in a dedicated two channel audio system, I expect Krell to release a more stripped down version of this preamp (probably called the KCT-2) for around $5k.