New amp from Sonos

I currently use a Sonos Connect Amp. to power my Monitor Audio Silver 6 speakers along with the rest of my Sonos system.  I have been wanting to upgrade the amp with the Emotiva Basx TA 100 itegrated amp but now Sonos is coming out with a new amp.  Does anyone have a recommendation or opinion  on what might provide the most impact on the quality of music coming from the speakers?  Thank you for any suggestions. 
Any product that Sonos introduces into the marketplace is generally excellent, and their new amp is probably no exception.  If you were to use an amp from another manufacturer, you will also have to use a Sonos Connect to stream your digital music, so I don't see what the advantage would be to dump your Sonos Connect Amp for another amp that requires a stand-alone Sonos Connect.  If you did that, the difference in sound will be so minor you will hardly notice it. This is just my "two cents," but I'm sure there are Emotiva amp fans out there who will beg to differ. Good luck!
Thanks for the response.  My wife and I enjoy the simplicity, good sound, and the ability to include external wired speakers. I have tested the peachtree 150 and it made a significant improvement.  Before a spend on an integrated amp and sonos connect, I wanted get opinions on the improvement that the new sonos amp could make at a significantly less price tag. I'm sure down the road I will upgrade my speakers and I would prefer not to upgrade the amp.