New Amp for Maggie MMG's

Looking to purchase a new power amp to use with my MMG's. Looking for recommendations of those with experience with maggie's. Replacing a Unison Unico integrated.
I listened to these with several different amps. The best-- fluid, organic, warm, airy, good depth and imaging with the Marantz reference monblocks MA-9S2. Head and shoulders above McIntosh 601's & Audio Research Reference 250's. They were using Transparent Audion Opus line of IC's & Cables. The demo room was well treated.
Two that work. Jolida Hybid 100 watt ,2oo at 4ohm from Underwoodwally here on A-gon about $800 works good.
New Synergy 450 from Van Alstine sounds fantastic with my MMG's about 2K.

A really good, powerful amp that is a cheaper alternative to the Marantz, McIntosh and Audio Research is the Spectron Musician III Mk2 ( $4000.00 ).

It might help if you provided a little more information about your price range, room size, typical listening volumes, what is lacking in your current amp that you wish to improve on, if you plan to upgrade to larger Maggies at some point, etc.
The AVA Synergy 450 will drive any maggy in any room short of 800 sq feet at a minimum.
Good questions "Brownsfan" - Under $1000 new or used, room is 17 x 20 x 8, lower volumes. Sold a Unison Unico wanting just a power amp only play digital from a computer. Always looking for better . . .

For under $1000, my favorite amps for use with Magnepan speakers would be the McCormacks. In that price range, you should be able to pick up a used DNA-125, a DNA 0.5 deluxe, or perhaps a DNA rev B or C. All of those amps would also work fairly well if you went up to 1.6QRs or 1.7QR's in the future. I used a DNA 0.5 deluxe and DNA 1 deluxe amps for years with my 1.6QR's.
I had amazing enjoyment with the Behringer EP4000. They are around $400 but you are paying for braun, not beauty. I demoed it against the Emotiva XPA2, Arcam AVR600, Exposure 2010S2, Outlaw RR2150 and Cary SLI-80 all of which did not have the raw strength to make them open up the way the Behringer did. I have since upgraded to 1.6 and I miss the MMGs. They are great speakers. Maybe I'll switch back...