New amp for Dali Ikons

I just bought a pair of Dali Ikon 6 floorstanders(FR [+/- 2dB] 37Hz - 30kHz; Sen 91.5dB; Imp 6ohms; 1 x 28mm soft dome; 1 x 17mm ribbon; 2 x 6.5"; 25 - 150w).

I use them as Front L & R in my 7.1 system and as stereo only for CD play. They are powered by an Onkyo 805 surround Receiver (7 x 130w). The Onk is not giving them enough power for stereo play. They need 150w to 200w RMS of quality power. I will use the Onk as the preamp.

I do not want tubes (like the sound, but not the maintenace).

New amp(s) can be stereo, 2 x 2 channel bridged or 2 monos.

Budget is limited to $1000. Can be used if condition at least 8/10. Have been looking at NAD, Parasound, Rotel and Adcom.

Any suggestion?