New Amp Choice (A or B)

So I'm considering a new amp to go between my Benchmark HPA4 preamp and Montana XP speakers. My 2 choices are The Benchmark AHB2 amp, or the PS Audio M700 mono amps. My speakers are 92 db/W at 4 Ohms, but I was wondering if the Benchmark was enough power, or if the M700' were a better fit with my 7 driver speakers. Normal listening... never killer loud. My current amp is just an old Adcom filling in.


I'm somewhat familiar with your speakers, I own a pair of the Montana EPX speakers. While I don't doubt that the Benchmark AHB2 amp will do a nice job with your Montana speakers I would opt out for the M700 monoblocks if they are within your budget. I believe you would not have any regrets or wonder how much better would the other amp sound.

Do your speakers go into 2 Ohms territory a lot? If not, then a single AHB2 would work incredible with the HPA4. You could always add a second AHB2 to run as monos. I do that but my current speakers, KEF LS50, they do not require monos (overkill).

I like the AHB2 over all other amps I have had with the HPA4. I also like the AHB2 over way more costly amps. I just love the sound of the AHB2. Here is a list of amps I remember trying with the HPA4:

- CODA #8

- D-Sonic M3a 800s (Class D)

- LSA Voyager 350 GAN (Class D)

I think you can do a 30-day home trial with both amps you are considering.

My speakers have a minimum impedance of about 3.0 Ohms near 85 Hz and 2,000 Hz. I am only interested in a single AHB2 right now. I prefer a very detailed sound verses ultra smooth sound. That's why I love the HPA4 preamp. I kind of think the Benchmark amp would give me the detail, but will it have enough power vs. the M700's?

I had the M700s and while quite nice, BUT, the LSA Voyager GaN 350 amp is in an entirely different league, and on sale for a few more days! $24-2700


There are a couple threads on them in Agon

The stock Voyager sounds stronger on bass on my 2 Ohms speakers than the AHB2. However, on the 3 Ohms speakers in a small room the extra power of the Voyager may not stand out. The AHB2 was preferred by me over the stock Voyager for detail and clarity. The modded Voyager became similar to the AHB2 on the top end, which was a big deal.

I will be burning in a new KRELL 175XD amp with my LA4 preamp (same as HPA4) in the near future (amp on order). This amp is not destined for the LA4 (a CODA 07x preamp is) but you never know, I think it could be a great pairing. A warm KRELL with the totally neutral LA4.



Have you tried Nobsound springs under the Voyager? Check out the Nobsound Loading thread