New amp being touted as among the best ever......

....possibly hyperbole but Hi-Fi News in the UK raving about the Diavlet D-Premier amplifer.

Apparently it has patented a new hybrid of Class A and Class D technology. It sounds very interesting, looks unique and would appear to be a must hear for those who are interested in high quality servers where apparently it excels-although I'd be interested to hear what it can do with any source.

Pretty expensive I believe at £12000 or approx $18000.

It looks very interesting and it's not every review you read where you really want to hear the thing.....

Here's their website, quite a lot of info on there if you browse about.
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I think this reviewer should be shot- we have all heard this type of thing before and for anyone who has been in this hobby for a decade or more this is getting old!

However- I do feel like the technology here is interesting, at the moment. At the same time- digital changes too quickly and is too imbedded into this unit for it to be a sound investment. Ill buy this on ebay in 2018 for $900 and check it out when everyone else is listening to 32 bit or whatever material. This is not going to be like a Mac mc60 monoblock in 40 years. It will be worthless.

The other thing that I scratching my head over is how the reviewer listened to a DVD-A at 24/192 through a digital input. Did I miss something or did I read that wrong?
That is the coolest remote I have ever saw! I would like to hear it given the chance
Tvad-there was no on-line link when I posted this....still I gave you a link and you couldn't even find the back of the amp.
Big hug back.