New AMG tt just arrived.

Wow I really was going nuts waiting for this Tabel to get here. Today I have someone coming to help set up and dial it in. It's much bigger then I remembered it being at ces. I got the black skirt and the 12 arm. I will post some thought after I get it up and running. It is such a beautiful thing to see. Will post pic on my page. I'm excited. One of the coolest things in the world to me. And to be honest the designer whom I talked to at ces believed in his Tabel so much that his love for this tt pushed me over the edge and I had to have it. Thank you Werner Roeschlau for doing what ya do.
Great. You also own the matching AMG car?
I've heard table table before, you should be quite happy with it in your system...congratulations !

ps, I've driven a AMG also...NICE
Congrats. It's a beautiful table. Can't wait to hear more of your impressions about it and posting some pics!
V12 is up and running. Super black background. Music floats with definition. Still have some tweaking. When I play 180 or 200 gram records I get a little top end distortion on vocals. With the weight of tt on my hrs stand which sits on top of my Pagode rack is starting to show stress. My friend who helped me set up the Tabel is coming back in a week so this will be a good time to make rack changes. The speed adjustment buttons are really unique in that you just have to graze your finger over the top of button to make change. Motor seems strong. I can stop platter with my hand. I want too keep making adjustment and let all break in.
Today received the new ref cardas clear phono cabel. I originally ordered the amg tt with the lower end basic cabel and was going to order a synergistic research element phono. What a ref this cardis cabel is. Installed and bam things opened up. It's a keeper. I wanted to stay with the wire that the arm has. Good stuff this cardis brand is. Ima happy camper. What I enjoy the most about operating this tt is the buttons, they light up and have a nice touch to em. Took me about a week to get things sounding solid. I'm sure two more weeks an the new phono cabel will be burned in. Don't really know if anyone has the amg but if so I feel like a mini amg pro at this point. Have taken the platter off a few times used the jig to get belt back on. Will add more remarks in a week.
This week my amg v12 has changed dramatically the new arm phono cabel has opened up a bunch. Vta and anti skate has been dialed in VTF is at 1.85 and sounding about right. My impression is I'm hearing a very black background with notes that float very much in the their approach to other instruments. Low end is deep with great reach with out being flabby and bloated. Mids are very sweat and dramatic at the same time. Top end is reaching with out being compressed. Visually the all black tt with the black skirt looks real cool. Not like a oil rig in the ocean but more like a black Porsche gt3. I love this tt and highly recommend it. Was a solid purchase that I hope one day to give to my son.
Presumably you are also using a phono cartridge to achieve this level of euphoria. Can you say what that is? Phono stage?

A cartridge makes a very tiny amount of voltage and current, not enough really to "break in" a phono cable in a month or two, much less a week or two. It's likely that something else may be breaking in OR your ear/brain are becoming accustomed to the sound.

I really like the design and apparent execution of the design of that table, and I think you most likely made a wise choice.
Documentroom, Congratulations on your new table. I also have an all-black
table, though it is much more massive than the AMG. I take offense to your
"oil rig in the ocean" comment ;) I think it is purposeful industrial
design - form follows function with little added for beauty. My art-historian
friend describes it as "Victorian" looking. I do like your Porsche GT3
analogy. Beautiful car. Enjoy your new sound.
Lewm - click on system and you can see his whole system. Benz LPS/Ayre...
To me it looks unbalanced - heavy platter, small base and why did they have to purloin the AMG V12 moniker. If the table is unique it deserves its own identity.
Lewm, you are correct. My audio research ref 5 is breaking in nice I'm about 500 hrs on the tubes. I'm using a Benz lps which is broke in. My phono for the moment is the ayre px 5. Solid state. And to Peterayer I take offense that you said yours is bigger then mine. Ha. No your right its all about design. I've had some tables that had some interesting shape to em. Clear audio and basis. I think tt design is one of the greatest art about this industry. Speakers ya there special, some have design characteristics that benefit music reproduction. But tt design and the theory behind them to me is special.
Dover, It is indeed "unbalanced", if you want to balance it on the head of a pin. But I do like the way the plinth follows the curve of the platter on one end. In my belt-drive days, I had come to the conclusion that BD tables thus designed have a more open sound with more "air" around the musical presentation than do BD tables with conventional rectangular plinths that therefore have a flat deck surrounding the platter on all sides. Why? I don't know. My guess is that the wide flat deck of conventional tt's may reflect the mechanical noise (the faint music you can hear when you are close to the spinning platter), produced by the stylus passing though the grooves, back at the cartridge, causing deleterious feedback. This tenuous hypothesis was based on very limited experimentation in my own system (one or two tt's of each type). But Notts, Galibier, Redpoint, Teres, da Vinci, Yorke, and many many other high enders adopted that design type, a heavy circular platform under the circular platter. (The old open deck style has been creeping back into vogue in recent years, however, a la the VPI Classic.) I don't know whether this rule of thumb would transfer to idler-drive or DD, but I've thought about it. Unfortunately, all the tables I now own do have the rectangular deck around the platter. Go look at the AMG website; that thing is impressive in all aspects. I think it costs ~$12K, and in today's market, for that level of build quality, that's a relative bargain. (It's at the top end of what I would ever consider paying for a new tt, if I were in the market.)

I think it's a German company, and the choice of the name is indeed a bit gimmicky, but it won't make the table bad if it's good, or vice-versa. It's only a name. Here, "A" stands for Analog, not Auto.

Documentroom, My apologies. I had not noticed that you have a system page.
Very nice looking table, bet it sounds great.
Lewm - fyi I was corresponding with DJ Casser of Black Diamond Racing quite a lot during the past year before he died, and interestingly he was adamant that the move to platforms that had curved sides, either concave or convex, did indeed dissipate energy better with their product.
This turntable Design remembers me very much to another German Manufacturer, Brinkmann.
I guess, Germans love black units :-)
I believe the founder of AMG was at one time with Brinkmann, hence the "similarities".
Syntax you are correct there is some relationship that is or was going on in the past. The designer of Amg owns the factories that manufactured parts for brinkman tt. Werner Roeschlau whom I met at CES last year, I got to say he is extremely nice. The room was packed with people trying to get face time an chat about his design. Thing is I'm 6.2 and full tattoos I don't look like your average audiophile. I'm a retired music producer and studio owner who fights mixed martial arts for fun. So I was blown away by his interest to spend so much time with me discussing what makes his arm and tt unique. I've been going to ces for years and this was the first time a designer cared enough to go in to length about his product with excitement and energy And I didn't even own one at the time. Werner is extremely intelligent in all aspects of his design. Lewm said it best it's not about what the tt name is but more about how the tt interprets the needle in the grove and makes music. And as for the price of admission with the AMG I think it is fair. I can only assume that by owning the factories and machines to manufacture his design the savings was passed on to the purchaser. If another company was to sell this tt I believe the price would be a lot more.
If the AMG1 sounds as good as it looks, then you have a winner.
It's been a few months and all is well on the AMG front. Tt has broken all the way in. I'm hearing lush warm and detailed reproduction of my lps.
I've bought gear in the past and have been let down after the original joy of ownership passes. This is not the case with the AMG tt. This tt really is set up and leave alone. I have not made any new adjustment. All is well and I highly recommend this tabel and arm combination. I look forward to many days and nights of listening......
Congrats on the new table and your stunning room.
Congratulations !!! Have to agree with Rugyboogie...GREAT room !!!
Thank you rugyboogie and jfrech. I've been watching both your critical listening rooms grow over the years with beautiful gear. Good times.
Today i got home from a long trip in hawaii to find out that the designer of my beloved AMG tt has passed away. It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Werner Roeschlau of AMG, a special individual who realized his passion for engineering, machining and audio. He died in his sleep on February 28, 2013. Werner was 62 years old and is survived by his son Julian Lorenzi, Julian’s wife Carolla, and their newborn daughter Johanna.

As I enjoy my tt I will all ways remember this wounderful gentleman who took the time to speak with me at ces two years ago. Long live AMG.

As an avid audiophile, I congratulate you on a great system that undoubtedly is a source of endless joy and excitement for you. As a music lover, I too join you in your sadness at the passing of Mr. Roeschlau, a great individual who devoted much of his life to creating something beautiful that enhances our lives in a way that only we audiophiles can fully understand perhaps. I may never directly appreciate his creation, but I do feel a profound sense of loss when another designer leaves us so prematurely. In a world of mass consumption and production, individuals like Mr. Roeschlau are vestiges of what truly touches us as human beings. RIP.

That's for all the posts and a shame about the designer.

How would you compare the AMG to the clearaudio wood innovation?
I really liked my clear audio Anavasary tt. However when I interact with the amg tt there's a rightness to it. Lovers of Playing records know what I'm talking about. In ref to reproduced sound I've switched away from clearaudio cart to the top Benz cart so there's more warm less analytical character. I highly recommend this tt it's a set up and play with very small amount of tweaks and it just stays in tune like a great guitar in the middle of a recording session. It's dependable and I can't say that about my clearaudio Tabel. Had issues to say the least. I think this company is gunna come out with new tt and I'm gunna support them. I like the vibe of the company and I think there taking the blinders off and thinking outside the box with there design. I wish them the best.
Keeping this thread alive as this really is an incredible tt. I added a much better cartridge this week. Airtight pc1 supreme. Not really sure why the Benz lps was chosen to partner with this tt. However the new combo of AMG and Airtight is incredible. Really fast yet romantic with huge bass. However the real kicker is the amount of detail in the mids and highs. One more point with which I think this tt excels is dark and I mean jet black background behind the notes. Notes just pop out of thin air. Really life like in presence. Oh and the audio research ref 2 brings out the best of it all. Think I'm dune for a long time maybe even the rest of my life. That how happy I've been with my analog set up.
Congratulations on the new cartridge. I have the Supreme in an SME V-12. It is a superb cartridge. Just as you write, great detail, super fast, wonderful bass. I would add that it is very natural sounding and tonally neutral. Really great looking system.
Hay Pete man you got to keep your minis. There's not a day that go's by that I don't miss mine. It's not that they are so dam good but the way they look. You and I both don't change out our new speakers all the time like a lot of these guys. And I think it is for the better. Tho the day is coming. I'm thinking if getting the q 1 from magico and calling it a day. It's just I don't like the look compared to the mini 2. Thanks for the compliment on my system. And ya airtight is just mind blowing. So many guys have hit me up that have em. It's like a little club.
Keeping the post going. Today I changed out the amg cardias reference phono Cabel for a audioquest wel signature phono Cabel. There's a huge price difference between these two phono Cabels I bought the two meter AQ wel so it's even more when compared. When pared with the airtight supreme the wel seams to keep better pace almost as if this Cabel can keep up. I'm hearing top extension and depth that I was not achieving with the prior along with much better bass. I'm maxing out now and will I'm pretty sure this must be as good as it gets. Real happy camper.... Love my AMG
How's the airtight PC-1 supreme with the Amg after these few months? Still good?
I'm completely astonished at every record I through at this combination of tt cart and phono section. With ease music flows at a solid pace. It's not a cartridge that needs a lot of fuss. I set the counter weight and it plays the groove of the record perfectly. It open sounding maybe a bit warm sounding but the bass and dynamics are incredible. It must be one of the best cartridges out there. I could not ask for more.