New Aerail 10T's

I just got my new (to me) Aerial 10T's and am slowly picking my jaw up off the floor.

I'm feeding them from a Linn Unidisk SC and a single 125W x 2 from 2 channels from a Linn AV5125- I know this is virtually starving them - but I am simply blow away by them - still.

I am waiting on some newly acquired power to drive them which I suspect will only improve things.

I have fantasized about the 10T's since about 1996 - it's truly a dream come true to finally have some of my own. I know they are old news to most - but to me they are even beyond what I remeber them as being.

Sorry to blabber on and on - but I am one happy listener right now. :)
Those are still excellent speakers even though they've been around for a while. Just enjoy them. There's alot of speakers designed and built several years ago that compete with new models quite well. For what you can get a pair of used speakers for I'd have to say you usually get much more for your money.

Older Dunlavy, Aerials, Vandersteens, Theils and on and on are still very good speakers. At used prices they're bargains imo. Speakers can last decades. I've got a pair of Dynaco A 25's in my computer room that I enjoy regularly. They were built and were the flavor of the month over 3 decades ago.
Hi Jim . Congrats and welcome to the Aerial fan club. I have an Aerial multichannel music system with 20 ts and 10 ts in the rear . I had the 10 ts as mains for 5 years or so and loved every second . I just did a review of the 20 t in case you are interested. The 10 t is dynamic and smooth with quick response and good imaging capabilities. They respond well to cable , amp and cd upgrades so you will find yourself moving steadily up the food chain . They need power to open up . The company is one of the best to work with I have yet encountered . Mike Kelly , owner , designer of Aerial is not called " Gentleman Mike " for nothing. He exudes class yet is humble and gracious. To meet him is to know the speaker. He , Dave , Jerry and Lee Sosby , the new National Sales Manager are working overtime to create new products , expand their offerings , diversify into new markets while never losing focus of what makes a company successful: You. Call Aerial and see who answers the phone...usually Mike Kelly himself.
LOL Jim!

I felt the same way when I bought my 10t's some years ago.
Rest assured the speaker will show you any improvement you'll also show what's bad too.

IMHO the 10t is still very much a contender today....and tomorrow. They are a speaker good for the long haul. I enjoyed mine for almost 5 years.


Paul :-)
I may have spoken to Mike - I'm not sure - next time I will have to ask. We both went to NC State so I know we have shared the pain while suffering through Engineering classes. :) I have called a few times already and everyone I've spoken to has been extremely friendly.

Everyone says the more power - the happier the Aerials are. I'm going to find out how much truth there is to that.
I recently bought an EAD Powermaster 8300 (300W X 8) and was seriously considering bi-amping the 10T's with it.

I know the woofer will love the extra power - but is 300W over the top for the mid/tweeter? Thoughts? Also - does anyone have experience with the 8300 amp?
Hi Jim,

I think Mike Kelly is a graduate of New Hampshire University, but I could be thinking of someone else. In any case, the 10t's are a classic speaker. I bought Beemer's (Hi Paul!) and they have been wonderful. Even though I've changed speakers in my stereo I'll probably keep the 10t's and see how they work in my HT. Placement is very important with them. You'll know when it's right because the bass will sharpen and not sound muddy. Get them far away from any walls.


I am fairly sure he got his degree in physics from NCSU - then went to NH to teach... then on to UNC Chapel Hill (Mike what the hell were you thinking with that move??!) haha.
the most dynamic speaker i have ever heard on the planet, the A-10ts with the Danish Gyphon Class A-100, about $3,000.00 used on Audiogon, I believe. The Amp will draw enough current from the wall to cause your juice bill to spike, but it will be worth it.
No, 300W is not too much. I drive my 10T's with a Krell FPB400cx. It's rated at 400W/per channel into 8 ohms, and measured 913W into 4 in a review. And I crank it.
The same month that the Stereophile review came out for the debut Aerial 10T I got to hear them on a big Spectral syatem. I listened to that system for over an hour and could never associate the sound I was hearing as eminating from the speakers themselves. The orchestra was there before me in a deep and wide soundstage, each instrument in its distinct location. That was the system that gave me a glimpse of what was possible with two-channel music reproduction and I remember the experience very well to this day.
Still have my 10ts! :-)
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