New Acuhorn speakers arriving - anyone heard them?

I'm getting a pair of Acuhorn Biancore 155 speakers, and will be mating them with a pair of KR Audio 6000 tube monoblocks.

Here is a link to the site:

I'm guessing the match will be great and that the speakers whould be a nice step up from my Audio Physic Virgo II speakers that I just sold, but I wanted to see if anyone has heard these before? I took a bit of a gamble as I've very little experience with horn speakers, but am hoping I'll be rewarded. Can anyone share any first hand experience of these speakers? Also, any advice on placement would be valuable too (do they need to be far away from the wall etc). Thanks.
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That's pretty brave of you buying without listening first. I hope you'll get rewarded too, and let us know.

Hello, That's pretty funny, but sometimes by making crazy discussion like that they ended up just Fine! GOOD LUCK.
I have a pair of the smaller Acuhorn Secco145 on order... without ever having heard them before. The Biancore 155 was a real chocker for many at High-End in Munich 2005. I hope that the Secco145 have a little bit of the same qualities.
I think you will enjoy them very much. I had a pair and am now getting in the 175's. Since the 155's have the same driver in the back they do require a bit of distance from the back wall to "breath". The 155's are best for classical music, it is not a rock & roll speaker.
Where do you guys buy your Acuhorns? I suppose that you are in the US?
Hi Bequerel:
I believe the Acuhorn 155 I'm getting is one of only a few currently in the US just now. I believe it was a dealer demo.

Steve, thanks for the info on the Acuhorns. I have a good room to let the 155s breath, although might be moving soon, so fingers crossed will have a good room there too. I can't wait to get these speakers - they're delayed in shipment just now, so might be another week or two before I can share impressions.

Outlier, please keep us updated on your Acuhorn 155. I should be getting my Secco145s in about a week, and I am considering the 155s or the 175s for a bigger listening room.
Bequerel and others, I'll keep you posted on my impressions. The speakers are not shipping till Monday of next week now from NYC, so it will be a while till I get them in California. I'll post my findings then.

Hi All:
I know this thread is very old, but I thought i'd provide an update nonetheless. I found the Acuhorn 155 not to be my cup of tea, and sold it on soon after receiving them. They were replaced by Focal JM Lab Diva Utopia Be - with far better results. The Acuhorns were amazingly dry and uninvolving - it might just be that horns are not my thing, at least ones with no crossover. I had heard Acapella High Violin at a show in LA last year, and they were amazing, but they had a lot more drivers and and I'm guessing an electronic crossover.