New active speakers from AE1 designer

These look interesting. New active speakers from classic AE1 designer. Opinions?

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These piqued my interest after seeing this post,  and after speaking with Phil Jones I went ahead with the purchase for the pre sale introductory price.  Never owned active speakers but these sound awfully good.  I'll post a review when I get them later this month
Nice!!!! and this guy knew his stuff with AE.
Wish there was an importer in AU. Just US and Canada so far.

Cheers George
Wow It cost just 1k with internal amplifier with digital input.

Frequency Response


It could be killer as bedroom system.
I know this is an old post so hopefully it finds someone :)

I just purchased these speakers. 

Could you help me figure out what type of XLR cables to get? I'll either be connecting these speakers directly to a balanced DAC or a balanced preamp. Do I use analogue or digital XLR cables? I didn't realize there were 2 types until I started looking and I'm not sure which to buy and why.