New ACME outlet sounds worse

I just replaced a very old Eagle outlet with a cryoed ACME. The soundstage shrunk, micro and macro dynamics sound soft, and now I find that I want to turn my preamp up a click or two to get some of it back. At this moment, I am considering putting thw old one back in. Did I do something wrong? I sanded the wires, wiped off the dust, and sprayed them with Caig DeOxit (I did not wipe it off as the directions did not say to). Will it take a while to break in? Should I try a different brand? Thanks.
It's called hype, and strikes often in audio
Although I am not a fan of the Pass & Seymour outlets I have used so far (I have a cryoed P&S 5262A breaking in at the moment on a chest freezer that I'll eventually try in the next few months) you really shouldn't make any judgement on that outlet for at least a month.
Might be break in. The fact that you have to turn it up a notch or two usually indicates less noise, therefore you're sensing you're not hearing as much-a good thing in this case. I'd hold off for a few weeks before you switch.

I don't use DeOxit, but if it says to wipe it should.

My outlets took several weeks to sound best, however, they were dramactically better the first minute I played them...

You might want to try other brands, I went through 3 before I found what was best in my system...
My system went the opposite way after installing cryo'd ACME's. The noise floor was reduced in an immediately apparent way. I don't know what happened in your case. One audiophile I respect checked out a number of after-market outlets, and ACME was the best in his estimation. I am so pleased with my own results that I personally wouldn't bother trying another brand.
Check the connection to the outlet. You may have loose connections, reversed polarity or damaged wire ends. Overtightening the wire at the screw could damage the ends, or cause them to detach from the screw. If you used the quick-connects at the back of the outlet instead of the screws, that could do it also. The quick connects should never be used for #12 wire. Too high a voltage drop.

All this will cause a higher voltage drop - which would cause the symptoms you mention.
Thanks guys. I will examine my connections. I did tighten the screws pretty tightly. I will see if there is any damage from oevertightening. How do i check polarity? I moved one wire at a time fromthe old outlet to the new. So, unless the outlets are non-standard, they should be connected properly.
It sounds to me like you do not have enough time on them yet. I just purchased new cables and in the literature it explains alsmost exactly what your experiancing.Try giving it more time before you give up on them...
All above posters bring up some good points. From my past experience with various cryo’d outlets I’d say the Acme Silver Plated Cryo’d outlet needs to break in for about three more weeks on a refrigerator or freezer. At that point I’d bet it would sound pretty dramatic when incorporated back into your system.
Polarity correctness should be -
Black(hot) wire goes to outlet screw that is gold color.
White(neutral) wire goes to outlet screw that is silver color.
That's it!
Brooks, the Acme outlets are very standard as far as connections go. The easiest way to check polarity is get an AC polarity checker at the local hardware store for $3 or so.

Sanding the wires was a good idea.

Brian Walsh
We are an Acme Audio Labs Dealer. Please note the following instructions. You will love it once it "burns in."

Using ACME Products

Cumulative Benefits
Greater sonic and visual benefits are realized with each additional outlet replaced with a Acme outlet on the audio/video AC circuit.

Product Break-in
All electronic components go through a process of break-in. Current flow through the components results in changing sound quality as the materials involved settle in. This process takes approximately 30 days (720 hours) of usage for the Acme products. It is important to evaluate the benefits of our products only after this process is complete.

I had never considered putting the outlet on a refrig.. That is a clever idea, Lak. I will do that with another ACME. Then, I will swap them in a couple of weeks. Brian, I guess I will be making a trip to Ace. Thanks. Dedicated Audio, thanks for posting the instructions. My ACMEs did not come with any instructions - just a box with a little paper diagram taped to it. So, those are helpful.