New $35K pivoting tonearm

Vertere Audio is Touraj Moghaddam cofounder of Roksan.

It has some interesting features including aligning the pivots to the offset angle rather than the arm tube, and bearings that don't rotate, made out of polymer-metal laminate film. Has 240mm effective length.

Click on the PDF link near the top.

This came up on Audio Circle and somebody said it sounds good. I certainly hope so. Anybody else?
Frank Schroder is using a composite arm for his new Linear Tracking arm. His old arms used to be wood also.

Will the Telea II model switch over to composite as well?

Unoear, are you referring to the DD platform that Jtinn is selling? I imagine the new arms were developed in part on that same platform, the Wave Kinetics table.
06-26-14: Larryi
I recall that a very rare Air Tangent arm allowed for remotely controlled VTA. I never heard of azimuth being adjustable that way. Kuzma had an arm pillar with a digital readout that made it easy to adjust the arm up or down and get back to a prior adjustment (just remember the number), but, actual adjustment was not by remote control.
You are referring to the VTA arm tower for the Stabi XL turntables which has a gauge with a round dial.
Conflict of interest alert: I own two Durand tonearms; a Telos and a Talea.

To clear up some of the unintended misinformation on this thread...

a. The new composite Telos armwand is not an upgrade; it is an option.
b. The composite armwand does not use a mounting plate.
c. The sapphire cartridge mounting plate is only used with wooden Telos armwand.
d. The sapphire bearing column for the Telos is an upgrade. As to the cost, I believe the earlier comment "It better not be worth the money or I will leave depressed" nicely summarizes.

For those who have expressed disdain for the "back scratchers" and "wooden spoons", I am sorry that your experience the tonearms was disappointing. So that the community could learn from your expertise, please share more about your audition experience, i.e. system context, LP's used to audition, etc. Thank you in advance.
Well said. I thought this was a tongue in cheek, mildly humorous take on a 35k arm that no one has heard. My contribution was intended in similar jest. It appears that some Agoners have had "bad" experience with the Durand tonearms. It would be useful to provide a context with details of ownership, system\matching equipment etc. System pics would also be useful.
Disclosure : I am a delighted owner of a Talea2 for 4+ years.
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I'm with syntax as well! Next year if not earlier the price may go down more than half-way I figure.