New $3500 Sumiko cartridge

Has anyone heard the new Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation cartridge? It just began shipping. I've heard it was developed on the SME V arm and SME 30 turntable. I am considering trading in my Celebration Pearwood. Was is shown at RMAF?
It's been almost a year since this post. I'm also interested in this cartridge.

Anyone had experience with it?
I'd rather wait for next $7000 cart.
Six months ago I asked my local dealer for an opinion and pricing for both this new Sumiko and the Dynavector XV-1s. I never heard from him. A couple of weeks later, I saw a great deal on a new Airtight PC-1 here on Audiogon. I bought it instead, aligned it using a custom Mint LP protractor and could not be happier. I still haven't read anything about the Sumiko, but I read that Fremer will review it in Stereophile in fairly short order.