New 1c's or used 2ci's

I have listened to both of the 1c and 2ce's but I am not in a position to afford the 2ce's. I did like the sound of the 1c's but I have beeen looking at used equipment and wonder if I would be better off with a pair of used 2ci's in excellent condition?
Also I do not know the difference between the two when it comes to internals. I do know the 1c's have (1) tweeter and (1) 8" driver, but I do not know what is in the 2ci's. And how they would compare sonically to the newer 1c's.
You have made reference to two different versions of the Vandersteen Model 2, 2ce and 2ci. I take it you mean the 2ce, the most recent version. I have a pair of the original Model 1s and have enjoy them over the years. I have heard the 2ce and 1c at my audio dealer and the 2ce is a much better speaker. There is more low end, detail and somewhat better soundstage. It sounds like you are able to put out cash for a new pair of 1c. If that's right, then I would look around on Audiogon for a pair of used 2ce's. The price of them are about the price of a new 1c and I feel you will be much happier with them. Stay away from the 2ce Signature due to the higher price, but they are slightly better than the standard version. For all the information on Vandersteen speakers go to their website Good Luck
Definitely get the 2 Ci. The 2Ci has a 3/4" alloy dome tweeter, a 4 1/2" midrange, an 8" woofer, and a 10" acoustic coupler - all custom manufactured by Vandersteen.

I have owned a pair since 1992 and have enjoyed their precise imaging, clarity and accuracy. As I upgraded my components, the 2Cis were capable of revealing every change as I moved from solid state to tubes and to better interconnects and cables. They are fairly efficient (88dB), and can be driven by any amplifier since they have no impedance dips. They do best in a room where they can be at least 2-4 feet from the rear wall and away from side walls.

The "Vandy" sound is very consistent across his product line. The 2Ce improved the 2Ci with a slight larger woofer cavity etc., but they are very similar in overall sound. The difference can be easily less than the difference between an average and well set up listening room.

These speakers represent a level of quality normally associated with much more costly products. You can find the 2Cis used in like new condition for $500-$700 here on Agon. Look for a later model with the heavier shot filled base. I don't know of any new speakers in that price range that can come even close. Do not hesitate.
I belive that the Vandersteen 2 series is not only the best value in the Vandersteen line, but, amongst the best values in all of audio. I also think that they can be quite room fussy. Make sure you have enough space to properly place.
The 2cis. Will improve as you upgrade electronics and can support a pretty wide range of high end upstream gear.
I have owned both the 2c and 2ce. I have a friend that owned the 2ci. I am also familiar with the 1b and 1c. Which is better will depend somewhat on your room size and associated equipment. The 1c is easier to drive, has a slightly warmer tonal balance and will work well in a small to medium sized room. The 2ci will be much more demanding of room placement and associated gear in order to sound its best. The 1c can be driven by a 25 watt integrated amp or even a good HT receiver. I would not use anything less than a fairly high quality separate pre-amp and amplifier with the 2ci, and they will sound their best with tubes somewhere in the signal chain. While the 1c's will also sound great with tubes, I have heard them sound ok with good ss gear. When properly driven and set up, the 2ci will have deeper bass, more midrange detail and a bigger soundstage compared to the 1c. Both are very good speakers and value leaders in their respective classes.
Both are good choices...slight edge to the model 2s...but you have to factor in shipping costs for going used(unless you can find a local pair) well as the possibility of shipping damage (remote but always a concern) this case...although the 2 is clearly a better speaker...I would opt for a new pair of always...ask your dealer about may luck out...