New 16 12 room - direction?

Looking for some advice on where to take my system. Started with a set of thiel 6's and a krell fpb 350mcx. Moved up to a set of Thiel 7.2s, upgraded to 450mcx monoblocks with a krell KCT, Kimber ks3038 speaker cables, bmi whale power cables and a heavily modified sony SCD-1. System was setup in a large room - about 40*16. Sound was extremely good - enjoyed the system a lot , but I had some listening fatigue and I would say bass and highs were better than mids. I moved to London for 3 years, sold monoblocks, power cords and KCT. Just back. Still have thiel 7.2s. Trying to figure out if I build a system around 7.2s, and if so with what? If not with 7.2s, where to? I like singer songwriter, female/male vocalists, guitarist, & modern country the most ,but also most music other than heavy metal, rap. I like to listen to music fairly loud. I am building a new house and will have a dedicated 12*16 sound room with 9 foot ceilings. I have considered a ps audio direcstream dsd with sonus. Not sure if this replaces SCD or can run with it. Thx for advice.
When I had 5i's the set up was Audio Research pre, all MIT cabling and Classe amplification.
Thx - I have heard from a lot of people that Classe and thiels pair well. Was your audio research a tube pre?