Never Say No to a Rock Star

I always wanted to work in a recording studio.  So I got a great kick out of reading Glenn Berger's memoir of his work at A&R Studios with iconic artists, from Paul Simon to Mick Jagger, from Bob Dylan to Frank Sinatra.  Glenn, I don't recall your screen name here on the Gon, but thanks for the fun read.

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Sorry, The full title of the book is:

Never Say No To a Rock Star:  In the Studio With Dylan, Sinatra, Jagger and More....

by Glenn Berger
I reviewed the book a few months ago, and did an interview with Glenn--you can find it online. What impressed me most- apart from a kid getting in the door of A&R Studios and quickly working his way up--to sit by the side of the great Phil Ramone--was Glenn's constant quest for "the magic"- why does music move us, what in the recording process makes it seem more genuine? Tellingly, Glenn describes the huge amount of studio artifice to make a recording sound more "real."  Very nice guy, and without the pressure to be "politic" in order to continue making a living in the business, Glenn's insights are not just candid, but benefit from his 2nd career--he's a shrink! (So he has a fair amount of insight into himself and others which gives the book far more depth than the usual name-checking entertainment bio). 

Smoked weed with Willie Nelson myself(I guess the one he grew in his own garden:)).
Never thought of writing a novel, but it was an awesome experience which was quite occasional and surprising. Hope that his current wife don't get offended, but at his 76 he 'hired' a lady who apparently was my friend, a gorgeous Australian origin with SUPER class all around... She threw the party and invited close friends and when I joined in her one of the properties in Hollywood FL, I did not believe my eyes!...
Obviously the party involved LOTS of premium quality weed out of classy designer bongs!

TY- All

I love these kinds (genre) of books- instant purchase.
I hope more of the behind-the-controls- books are written.