Never Happy

Face it guys, whatever we buy we can't wait to sell it and buy something else, hoping that it will sound better. It costs us a lot of dough but sure is a lot of fun!!!(<:
But why, petewhitley, why? why must this be?

But seriously, i find this post ridiculous. i spend a GOOD 5-10 days enjoying the hell out of my new piece of gear before i want to unload it. apparently you're just fickle!

"If you are satisfied with what you have, then you don't understand what you really want"
I don't think you can get there from here.
Pace yourself and never fully judge a component that you like the sound of until you have listend to it for at least 300 hours (through thick and thin:-).
I don't have a clue what you are talking about. I am fully satisfied with my newest DVD/CD player, the fourth in as many months.
Are we supposed to sell the stuff we replace in our systems? Why didn't someone tell me!!!!! What if I want to try it again for a few minutes next year or something ?
Right Snook. Like neck ties it's bound to be back in style some day. ;-)
"Life is just a candle and a dream, must give it flame..."

"It's not the completion of the journey but the "trip" that makes it savory.."

Why shoot, I'm goin' AT LEAST 3 to 4 days before changin' to my next pc. o' equipment! SOnic Nirvana is sweet but fleeting & fickle.
Get a life.Its about music.
Music? Who listens to music? I spend all day listening to pink noise so I can break-in my equipment and make sure everything is set up properly.