neutrik connectors ?

anyone use these for speaker cable?
how do they work ? Can they accept 1/2 size speaker cables? Pro and cons would be great appreciated.
I'm not sure which Neutrik connector you're referring to. Neutrik is a company name (, and they make dozens of different kinds of audio connectors. The "Speakon" series is most suited to speaker use, and I would recommend the 4-pole series in the gold-plated version (handy if you are biwiring, or parallel the two pairs for double the current capacity-- but this does require using a wire with 4, 8, etc., conductors). I think they are superb and unfortunately overlooked by most high-end speaker manufacturers, as they are a very-high-current gas-tight connection, and incredibly convenient and reliable as well. The factory doesn't say so, but they will easily accept 10-gauge wire in each of the four connections (equivalent to 7-gauge if paralleled!), and I can't imagine anyone needing more than that.
Neutrik makes a speaker connector called "speakon" primarily for pro-audio use. Check out for the options.
My REL subwoofer uses Neutrik Speakon to take a 3 conductor, high level signal from my Power Amp to the sub. Solid connection, easy to connect/disconnect. Highly recommended.
I upgraded my REL's Neutrik Speakon connection to a custom version with XLO cabling. It was well worth it, and sounds like an upgrade to the next level in their line, not just a small improvement. So instead of purchasing the "stock" wire, why not start with a better cable anyway? Contact Robert Stein at The Cable Company and he can walk you through the details. Good luck.