Neutrik aftermarket cable for Rel Strata III

Any suggestions for a good cable for the Rel, from amps to sub. Prefer something not expensive. Also, how would you describe the improvement created by the suggested cable.
System is Manley 300B Retro amps, ZU Druid speakers, Supratek Syrah pre.

Thanks for any suggestions.
I think The Cable Company can special order you one made by XLO. What is not expensive? The XLO cable will be +/- $200
try Signal Cable.
synergistic research makes one...don't know the cost. i have a rel b3, if you do get an after market cord, let me know how it works.
I make very good REL aftermarket cable for affordable price-less than $100 for 8 ft link-please check my ad at A-gon 'REL'items.
Thanks for your help guys. I'll check into them.
I got a Cable Co. neutric/cable upgrade,for my Stentor.Driven by Rowland amp.This was 196 bucks,and made by XLO.Superb product,in performance upgrade and construction.
Has anyone compared these aftermarket cables against each other?

Several years ago I had a Strata II. Since moving 3 years ago and a handful of changes in my 2-channel system, I have been running full-range, without a sub.

I now have REL B3 on the way and am looking for opinions on upgraded Neutrik Cables.

I have done a little research and found the following options:

1) Signal Cable $90 @ 6' + $4.00/added foot
2) XLO (The Cable Co) approaching $200, pending length
3) Synergistic Research (The Cable Co) starts at approx $400, pending model & length
4) A'gon member sells his own 8' cable at $95.00

As you can see, there is quite a price range for these cables...some being more than 4x the price for a comperable length.

Several months have passed; so, I will ask the question again...

Has anyone compared the performance of these aftermarket REL cables against each other?

If not against each other, based on your experience, please tell us how they compare to REL's stock cable.

After starting this thread last February, I purchased the Synergistic Alpha Sterling x2 from The Cable Company. This is Synergistic's least expensive REL cable. It was a trade in so I received a discount. I think I paid $250. I decided on that cable after discussing the Synergistic cables vs. the XLO with someone at The Cable Company. They sell both lines. You may want to contact them to learn their current view.

The Synergistic is a definite upgrade over the stock cable, producing deeper, tighter bass. I also upgraded the power cord to an Audience, around the same time, which produced more authority. After these changes, I had to reconfigure the controls, and reposition the sub to get it to sound right again. It is a worthwhile improvement, but I did not expect killer bass since I am running it off the speaker outputs of a 300B tube amp, fed by a tube preamp. The sub does mate seamlessly with the main speakers.

Another unexpected, and very welcomed brnefit, was that when I plugged in the x2 power coupler into the electrical socket, it eliminated a significant hum that was in the system previously!