Neutral Sounding Silver Cables?

I'm looking for a new/used xlr cable to go between my Aesthetix Calypso preamp and my recently acquired Aesthetix Atlas amp. Aestetix recommends Kubala Sosna cables....and I'd love to get a pair of used Emotions, but they're a bit out of my price range for now. I'm guessing that the Kubala Sosna Emotion is a relatively neutral I've been doing some research on used cables and am looking for something less than 1k in the used market. I couple of cables sparked my interest: Siltech 550i or 770i as well as the Kimber Select 1130. Both of these cables incorporate silver. Any comments regarding these two cables? Any suggestions for cables with some silver that are neutral with bass response?
Acoustic Zen Absolute is silver with 1% copper in oversized foam Teflon tubes. Very neutral cable. I got 0.5m XLR for $600 used perhaps because of uncommon length. On the other hand 2x shorter cable is 2x better cable.
I have that same set up running vandersteen sevens. I am using kimber select silver. I find them kind of harsh and overly bright in my set up. Now when I was using quicksilver v4 and vandersteen 5a it was a well matched cable. I just thing the atlas is so much faster than my old amps also pairing a faster speaker the silver got twangy, at least the kimber, copper might be better or a different silver cable. In any case I would try to demo something. I don't know if this helps but it is what I think of in my set up. Ymmv.
Siltech or Kimber KCAG (Which I do not find bright)
In my experience, Ridge Street Audio Poiema 3s fit that bill very nicely.
There are no neutral cables.
Try some better Purist Audio cables too. I would also try DiMarzio M-path cables, $150 or so for a 1.0 M pair new. They may not have silver in them but they are very balanced. In direct comparizon in my SS system they were very close to Purist Maximus which cost $800 new, and highs were perhaps even a little better. Not bright at all, excellent bass. Great value.
I had used a number of cables between my BAT VK-D5 and pre, before settling on the Kimber KS-1130's(about 6 years ago). They simply let everything through(freq extension-both directions, without bloat, becoming sibilant or grainy/great sound stage-WxDxH/Precise imaging/ambience information/instrumental tonality and decay, etc). Every change, that I have made downstream, has just allowed more music to flow, from the CDP and Kimbers. Ditto, with the Kimber KS-1030's, at the output of my phono pre. If a system sounds overly bright with them connected, they are simply passing an overly bright signal, from elsewhere. That is the nature of any cable that is more neutral(passes more information/signal, without editing) than another.
I would second the Acoustic Zen Absolute.
I should have mentioned: Do yourself a favor and contact The Cable Company, to audition a pair of Kimber KS-1130's(or whatever else suits you) for yourself, via their Lending Library. There's a small fee, that will be applied to whatever you might purchase from them(new or used). Good people to work with! (
Silver Audio works well in my system. I've compared them to Kimber, Transparent, Clear Day and a few others. Clear Day offers great value, but overall I prefer Silver Audio.
The Granite Audio Silver Cables are the best I have heard in my system.I am running 2 pair,one between the preamp and amp and the other between my CD player and preamp.
I also like the MAC cables sold hear on A-Gon and the AQ Silver cables sold by HCM Audio.
Ricred1- I used Silver Audio's Hyacinth's for a number of years, between my pre, monoblocks & woofer amp. Did you ever try the Kimber Selects(either 1030's or 1130's), in comparison? I almost went to the Appassionata, but found everything I desired in the Synergistic Research Tesla Apex, for those particular system positions. Just curious.
I tried Kimber Selects in another system. They were okay, but nothing special.
Thanks everyone for your advice. I wish I were able to take advantage of the Cable Company's trial programs; unfortunately, I'm in Canada, and they don't offer it to anyone out of country. I have to admit I'm reluctant to try any silver cables ever since my first experience with the QED Silver Spirals; these cables were so bright in my system that I swore I'd never use silver cables again. However, I was drawn to the very upper most 'fragile' treble frequencies that they did offer....that copper cables, thus far, have not been able to produce...Thus, my search for silver cables with bass response...
One I don't seem mentioned is the Purist Venastus. It's is a silver, gold, copper blend, but a killer cable in your price range.
Neutral with all sonic advantages (Speed, Holographic picture, Bass response, no coloration, no loss of detail...):
Audioquest Sky with 72V DPS

When you want to try a cheaper cable, look for Audioquest Cheetah
When all is too cheap ---> Nordost
Ricred1- Did you directly compare the Silver Audios to either the Kimber KS-1030's or 1130's(the least expensive, all silver Selects)? If so- which Silver Audios?
Calgarian5355- It's a shame you can't avail yourself of The Cable Co's program. Perhaps a less risky proposition would be the Kimber KS-1121 or 1126, both combining silver and copper conductors. (
Calgarian5355 do yourself a big favor and get a hold of Paul at Clear Day Cables. His silver cables work excellent in my system and Paul usually offers some type of trial period. Send him an email and explain your situation and see what he says, he is one of the seriously good guys in audio. Like some of the other posters have said here, cables are very system dependent so what may sound great in one system may not sound good at all in another.

Since you are in Canada (and while you save for the Kubala Sosna Emotions) call Partsconnexion and build your own solid core silver balanced interconnects using this wire;
and the FP-601M and 602F connectors;
Ditto the Pranawire. Simply unbelievable.
Which model in the pranawire line? I've only heard and subsequently bought some Ocellia reference silver cables.
I have had the Nataraja and Cosmos IC's. The Cosmos SC. The cosmos series is certainly "cleaner" sounding than the Nataraja. However, in my system, I like the Nataraja better as it is less focused and sounds more spacious... to me. I just picked up some Prana Satori PC's (copper) and they too are incredible to say the least.

I have not heard the "deva" series nor the "avatar."

I have owned the AZ absolute IC/SC and Nordost Valhallas IC/SC as well. No comparison.

Very hard to find any Pranawire on the used market due to their limited production (mostly....) and outstanding sonics.