Neutral powercords

I'm looking for powercords that are neutral.
With or without shielding.
Do you guys have some options?
You should try the Silent Source by Walker Audio.
I have heard that the Richard Grey High Tension Wires are neutral. I have been in the same boat, but have not tried them. The Bolder Nitro is very quick, dynamic and smooth, but I am not yet sure it is neutral. I am still trying to sort out what is doing what. I am not saying that they are not otherwise good, but these wires did not seem totally neutral in my system:

Cardas Cross
Shunyata Snakebite
Having recently compared my Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement R/R to a TG Audio SLVR on several components, I thought the EG exhibited more bloom in the mids and more expansive imaging..In that regard, I felt the TG to be more neutral sounding from top to bottom...I still prefered the EG in my system..Just a thought on the issue that the TG may be what your looking for.
The power cords from Locus Design and CryoParts are very netursl, fast and dynamic. I've been using them for a few months now and with the combination I've put together I couldn't ask for much more, my system is SS based and most importantly this is my opinion
Keep in mind that the performance of any interconnect, cable, or cord is system dependent. You can start with recommendations, but be prepared to test with your own equipment, room and ears.
Try the DCCA powercords.They are the best pc ive tried,I am not sure if they are neutral for you,unless you audition,
them.For me they neutral and musical.
Harmonix Studio Masters....will allow your electronics to sound the way they are meant to. If you're disappointed after you plug these babies in? It's not due to the power cords....peace, warren
Ensemble power cord... VERY neutral
Here is an excellent thread by Agon member TVAD about different powercords including very helpful comments on which PCs are neutral, or warm and full-bodied:

Power Cord Flavors

Of course, as Zargon mentioned the performance of any cable is very much system dependent, however the above thread might give you an indication which ones to try.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the link Rene, i must have missed that one.
I have the PS Audio Lab Cable= full bodied and a little dark.
I alsoo have a VOODOO Mana, but this cable is to short.
Anyone experience with VOODOO?
I now have EMM gear and i want to replace the Kimber PK14.This cable is supplied with the EMM gear.
From what i know is this a neutral cable. Correct?
So i want a better cable, if i can find one.
Thank you for your reactions till now.
I will make for myself a list of cables that i should try.

really like the audience powercord.....have compared them to shunyata, cardas, and others... very reasonabley priced too..
Ridge Street Audio - sonically right down the middle

DCCA - lets the music through like no other cord I've heard; even more transparent than the Electraglide, but make sure you tell Don the orientation of your component, as he will make the cord to measure. This is crucial, as they are much stiffer and heavier than most other PC's.
Helo Bernhardknoop,

I would recommend checking out the Nordost Valhalla P.C.'s.
The most neutral IMO that I've heard thus far.

Good luck,
What about the kimber Palladian?
The Kimber PK 14 is supplied with EMM gear.
But what can i expect if i upgrade to the Kimber Palladian PK14?
I think that this PK14 that i now use is neutral.
You can't beat Analysis Plus Oval 10 powercords for neutrality.They aren't much fun but they sure are very neutral.A four foot cable is only $175.00.
neutral cords IMHO are michael wolff silver/carbon source and vh audio airsine.