Neutral Dac?

I’m curious to see people’s opinions on what they believe is the most uncolored dac? Every dac I’ve tried seems to be a flavor that deviates from neutrality in some way (smooths things over, too bright, too soft on transients, lacks bass etc...). Is there a dac that people believe gets all the fundamentals correct with leaving very little sonic footprint? What is the cost threshold needed to achieve it? I’m surprised at my own findings recently but really curious if anyone else has been searching for a fundamentally uncolored dac and what they’ve found.

   I realize the most obvious answer is "the dac with impeccable measurements" but I have also found some of them to sound unnatural (dry/bright).


As to that bit of a background you provided, I would look for the most natural sounding DAC. I think we’re past the “neutral” dac discussion here.
From there move on to level of resolution, details, imaging, soundstage. You will begin to scratch that surface at around $5k retail price. Benchmark and Schiit won’t be your ticket. 


Like you I have owned and listened to many dacs over the years. I enjoyed many of them. However, I sensed there was still a dac out there that could do a better job of consistently engaging me into my music.  One that would become the foundation of my music sytem(s).   I never thought I would spend the kind of money I did several months ago on a Tron Atlantic dac.  My wife and I are thrilled with the purchase however.  This dac is really one that nails exactly what you are hoping for in your system and music enjoyment. It delivers in spades on my desires. It is the centerpiece of my system and the most transparent, pure and even handed dac I have heard.  

Tron offers this dac in 3 levels. I purchased the top level offering. I suggest just trying it in your system. Gestalt Audio Design in Nashville can help you.  Talk to Colin as you already know him. I tried this dac and was moved to buy it.  Most expensive single piece of gear I have ever purchased.  However, it is the BEST audio purchase I have made to date.  Best decision I have made.  I think the price range is $8,000 - $13,500 depending on the level.  Yes, a lot of money. 


@grannyring  Hey Bill that is awesome thank you. I know we both use the Circle Labs A200 so knowing there’s synergy is helpful and Tron is not a dac that was on my radar. Colin is a great guy and also using his tchernov usb cable which is amazing(I still have your Acoustic BBQ usb and still think very highly of it). Knowing you well and trusting your ears, your recommendation holds great weight and thank you!