Neumann KH310A Review

Thought this might be of interest to those audiophiles willing to think outside of the traditional box:
Bob hello,

Do you still have those Neumann KH 310As and how are you liking them after a year? Very curious to know if you use them horizontally or vertically and with tweeters inverted in or out? Before you bought these which speakers/amps combos were you considering and compared with?

Thanks so much.

Regards, Ellie

I'm very interested in these and have couple of questions, would appreciate your input :) . How do you like these after you've had them for awhile and which speaker/amp combo did you audition prior to purchasing KH310s?

Do you have them on stands vertically or horizontally and how about their imaging window size, both vertically and horizontally, as I could only manage to hear smaller KH120s and their vertical imaging was lacking outside of the sweet spot.... Also do you run any Internet radio stations from the Itunes and how they sound with 128 kbps streams&poor quality recordings? Thanks so much in advance ....


Hi Ellie,

Actually, I own the Klein+Hummel O300D. The KH 310 is the newly redesigned model. It appears they've made several improvements and reduced the price.

As far as I know, they are designed to be used horizontally and that's how I'm using them. Each speaker is labeled Left or Right and I'm using them that way; the tweeters are on the inside.

The O300D is the best speaker I've owned (and heard). I've bought the last several pairs of speakers without hearing them first and I have not been disappointed. The previous active setup was JBL LSR4328 + LSR4312. The system before that was passive: Bryston BP26 preamp, Bryston 7BSST monoblock amps, Spendor S8e floor standing speakers.

With some speakers I tend to lean forward trying to hear into the recording, listening for details. That's not necessary with the O300D. Yet, the speaker is never tiring. It's as easy to listen to after 4 hours as it was after one.

I had an active system in my office: KRK VXT6 which I think is a tremendous value. A friend owns a pair of Focal Solo 6 and we both agree that the O300D is in a different league. I considered the JBL LSR6300, but I wanted a 3-way design.

I also own the KH 120A. It's the best small speaker I've heard. All speakers with vertically aligned drivers will have less vertical dispersion than horizontal. Thus, you'd think the horizontal dispersion of the O300D would be lacking, but that's not the case. Check out the dispersion plots on the Neumann web site. Then compare that to many expensive passive audiophile speakers on Stereophile's web site.

My only source is CD. Being truly professional recording monitors, I believe KH speakers will let you hear poor recordings as just that.

Hope this helps,

P.S., I use a pair of HSU ULS-15 subwoofers with the O300Ds.
Ellie, I misspoke about the orientation of the tweeter in my previous post. The tweeter and midrange drivers are on the outside when the Left labeled speaker is the left speaker and the Right labeled speaker is the right speaker.
Thanks so much for your reply....You are a first person in entire audiophiledom here that has BOTH KH 120 and O300D... Generally I have to go to pro forums, but as you might imagine sonic priorities with the pros are different.

Well from what I've read and heard on the forums the KH-310 are different than O300Ds, but the point is moot, since neither of them are available for a demo even in New York City area, (very strange marketing policy from an audiophile's point of view, but I guess its acceptable with the pros) so I have to gather as much info as I can prior to buying them online..... The KH 120s are available at B&H showroom, but as with most "professional" show rooms, the demo set up there is simply appalling by audiophile standards ( and I thought Best Buy demo rooms were bad :).

How far do you have your O300D placed on stands from back and side walls and do they react to placement to the same extent as most audiophile sealed speakers do in your opinion? How is their imaging & sweet spot size and do they have stable soundstage (a la ATC 50 actives if you have heard them) irrespective of listening position? The review in the link that you have pointed out is helpful, but since I'm not familiar with that reviewer's sonic preferences, I use it just as surface introduction....

How seamless are those three drivers working in tandem?

And how do you use KH-120s, on your desktop, or? And how would you characterize their sound if you ve used them as main speakers in a small/medium size room?

Your input is greatly appreciated!


I bailed on passive audiophile speakers about 7 - 8 years ago and I can't imagine going back. Given all their limitations it's amazing passive speakers sound as good as they do and it's a huge credit to the designers that can pull it off.

I've not heard the KH-310, but I'd be very surprised if it's radically different from the O300D. Hugh didn't mention any major sonic differences in his review.

The O300Ds are 2.5 - 3 feet from the front baffle to the rear wall. The left speaker is about 8 feet from a side wall and the right speaker is about 4 feet from a side wall. Every speaker I've owned in the last 15 years have gone in these same locations. I can't comment on placement issues since I've not done any experimenting other than toe-in.

Given the dispersion characteristics of the speaker they present a stable soundstage over a wide area. I'm sitting about 2 - 3 feet left of center (sofa was replaced with two recliners) and don't feel it's any worse than dead center.

The three drivers are as seamless as the frequency response shows -- perfect.

The KH-120s are intended for desktop use, but I removed my office system just before the purchase. I was considering a job change. I placed them on top of the O300Ds for a couple of months. I was stunned at how sonically similar they are to each other. It was only after switching back to the O300D that I realized a level of detail is missing from the KH-120. Not night-and-day, but obvious.

I was told by the pro dealer in Seattle that I bought the KH-120s from that Microsoft did a shoot-out with approximately 50 small active speakers and chose the KH-120 for their research projects. I was not aware that Microsoft has an anechoic chamber and does quite a bit of audio research.

Kind regards,
Thanks so much for your most informative reply.... Are you using balanced cable adapters with yours on the speaker's end, or pure balanced on both ends?

Best regards....
I'm running balanced cables. I made that switch when I bought Bryston electronics many years ago.