neuance expectations

my shelf for under my lp12 arrives this week.
id like to hear feedback on what to expect, the good, bad and the ugly (if any). my table sits on an apollo wall mount shelf thx
I've not used a Neuance with a TT, but with other components, it has made a remarkable difference. They help quiet the interfering noise transmitted by a vibrating component, and the music goes from sounding anchored to being lively and dance-like. This I've noticed particularly when using them with amplifiers and CDP's.

Please post your results when you've had a chance to listen with it under your table.

will do. Do you have more than one? have you tried it under your Preamp? once broken in, can you notice improvement immediately if for example you remove it from Amp, and place under CDP?
I have one for our SS amp, had two made for tube monoblocks (which I generally use under the CDP now), and one for a preamp. Three of us were listening the other day, auditioning a new amplifier. After about an hour, we agreed it sounded very good, though not quite 'there', if that makes sense. We put the Neuance beneath the amp, and the first to shout out--within 5 seconds--was the non-audiophile. He said what we all noticed: that the music had a levity and energy to it that was missing without the shelf. The background was also quieter, and you could hear the blended interplay between instruments. Immediate results, and the music became far more exciting.

I hope that answers your question(s).
just what i was looking for. Thanks Boa2. I think ill end up getting one for my preamp at some point as well. how long was break in for you?

Hi Jaf2290,

I use one on a Target wall mount, under my LP12. I am also running the LP12 with no bottom, using 3M Bumpon's as feet; as suggested by Ken at Greater Ranges.

You will notice a definite improvment in your sound, with lower background noise, and more transient detail.


how long was break in for you?
If I remember correctly, about a week or two. But you'll notice a difference immediately.

Ken Lyon at Neuance is so helpful when it comes to care and feeding.

i agree! he has been so informative, and taken so much of his time when replying to emails with such detail.