networking wire

I am going to run a ethernet cable from my office to my music room which is about 75 feet or less away and wanted to know what cable to use cat 5 cat5a cat6 cat6a or something else also will need a switch at the end in the music room so I was looking for some suggestions 
The different categories of cable depend on the type of Ethernet network you'll be setting up - Cat 5e / 6 for 100 Mb / 1 Gb, Cat 6a for 10 Gb.

I'd consider Blue Jeans Cables for reliable network cables if you need a long run.
I also run ethernet from my office to the music room.  When I upgraded from a generic Monoprice to a Blue Jeans Cable the improvement in sound quality was pretty stunning.
I am new to this part I will be running from my Comcast router to my music room and would like to run best cable for audio between the 2 rooms .and a good switch .is running the 6a going to give me the best audio quality .
or faster response sending the data from room to room
Cat 6 if you want to have some future proofing.
Cat 6a or cat 7 are probably overkill for a home residence but....
Both have more shielding and capability of extremely fast data transfer.
Cat7 has a few requirements on gear over cat6a so there is that to consider.
You pays your monies you take your choices.