Networked Universal future value?

I think this type of product is fairly new, what I have in mind is the upcoming Oppo BDP-95. Wondering if this might represent a solid reason to not jump into using a computer or streaming device (like Airport Express).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the new Oppo will act as a Upnp client, allowing for wireless playback of digital files through its Sabre dac. This will hopefully be able to be controlled using a remote/mobile device. Thinking PS Audio Tag n' Play app is a good fit. This sounds pretty great to me if it will all work seemlessly.

Combining the network capability with what's sure to be great CD/SACD playback I'm not sure I see the value proposition in buying a separate computer to handle this task. I know one box for network player, DAC and transport might seem constraining, but if the performance is great and price less than a grand, who can complain?
This is exactly the setup I had in mind when I bought the Oppo 93. I already have my library on a NAS in FLAC, and stream to the perfectwave dac+bridge in the basement. I was hoping to stream over DLNA/UPNP to the Oppo in my living room system using TagNPlay. Only caveat so far is the Oppo does not actually show up as a UPNP player in TagNPlay, so the only way to control the libary is through the Oppo menu, which involves turning on your TV. I asked on the avsforum is this will be resolved through future firmware updates and got no conclusive answer.