Network VS.....

I might be wrong here, but i sense that networked cables offer better bass control and low level detail than the regular none network ditos.
What cables do offer best low level detail and remains open but smooth (none network versions)?
Talking balanced interconnects...
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What are "networked cables?"
I think he/she is referring to interconnects that use transformers, filters and other gizmos as part of the design, a-la MIT and Audioquest.
MIT & Transparent Audio for example.....
It depends on your system and no definitive answer. When I was using Krell amps, I find MIT ICs and SC worked best. In my current system, I find them rolled off in the highs, artificial sounding and missing some frequency ranges.
I did find that to when i borrowed cables. Muted top and also a slight muting of the edges. But again, bass was the best talking control and low level detail. I am just trying to find a cable which can match this but maybe it is asking to much?
I know cables are system dependant. I am changing my system here and i am trying to figure what i should look at. My current set of IC's will be too short now, sadly...
A couple thoughts, first...I don't think it's wise to group "networked cables" as one. I think most of the companies that use networks do so with different technologies and methods. Even within a brand, take MIT for example as I am most familiar with those, there are so many varying levels and of course many legacy models...sounding different in many cases.

Having said all of that, I've been an MIT user for many many years. No other cable has been able to produce a signal that sounds as true to the source to my ears and their most recent stuff even more so than older generations. In addition to being true to the source, they create a "you are there" effect that is eerie, especially higher in the line ie Matrix, Oracle MA/MA-X etc. My experience has always been with fast, powerful SS amps so cannot really speak for low power or tube stuff. Pricing is a little out of hand a lot...but same can be said for much of our irrational hobby.

Good luck in your cable search. As you can tell, I certainly would encourage a good long listen to some MIT stuff.