Network Switches


Is there a better way for digital playback than my $100K Antipodes K50?

Running  Sablon Ethernet and XLR digital into Weiss 501.


I hope that is a typo since the K50 retails for $15K.

I assume you like it.  

An on purpose typo, $17.5K


Would like to know a formula that would outrun it so I could sell it

“Is there a better way for digital playback…..


As you know better is subjective and any given component must gel (synergy) with rest of your system for one to say, I prefer the brand X better than brand Y. I found a component last year that not only simplified my digital streaming but also transcended my existing digital front end (EMM Labs DA2 / Aurender N20). I suggest you to look into Merging Technologies +player. It’s a DAC/Roon player/Preamp, all in one box. No external component needed to run a Roon core. All you need is one high quality LAN cable, which you already own.

BTW, I am quite intrigued by your Manger S1 speakers, what made you decide to go with powered speakers over passive ones in Manger speaker line up? 


@glory Ok, don't like a very nicely reviewed Antipodes, so maybe you need to move into Wadax and Taiko Extreme territory. Otherwise issue is your dac, or something in rest of system.