Network Storage for iTunes Music Server

I have a question related to moving a PC-based iTunes file to Network Attached Storage and how that might complicate future ripping and syncs with an iPod.

I moved my 50GB (and getting larger) iTunes file to a ReadyNV+ NAS not only to get a huge music file off my PC, and also for better audio, as I have a Cullen SONOS ZP90 reading the NAS files into a Northstar DAC. Then I do not need my PC turned on to control the SONOS music server...I use an iTouch. Works great.

But if I remove the iTunes file from my PC, how can I continue to sync with my iPod? I suppose I could move the iTunes file back when I need to sync. Any suggestions?

Also with the iTunes file on the NAS, what would be the best way to rip future CD's and then sync these tracks to the NAS? I have all my tracks in Apple Lossless.

All you have to do is delete the songs in itunes and then add them back from the new storage location
Add Folder to Library
Itunes doe not care where the files are stored it manages it automatically for you. So syning the ipod is no problem
Weiserb is correct. iTunes the software and interface window that you open to determine what songs to sync will still be on your main computer. The actual song files will be on your NAS drive. You iTunes does not care where the actual physical location of the file is (whether directly on the computer, a network drive, or an external hard drive (which is how mine is set up). iTunes is really just acting as a traffic director. You can actually have multiple file folders with music in them and tell iTunes to monitor or "find music" in whatever number of folders you tell it to check. I do this with my server so that I can just move my "Christmas/Holiday" music into and out of my "main server" file versus having iTunes point to different folders. This just works for me as my son has his own music folder(not in full resolution) that I don't want to have to have on my server based system (Slim Devices Duet).

You should still get another external hard drive to back up the music (even though th NAS is supposed to serve this function). But having it all on an external, portable HD allows you to share your entire music collection with your buddies. Just pass around the external HD and they can copy your music and put their music onto your drive for you! This is nice when you get a couple of friends together doing this!
Of course, you are both right. Now I get it.

iTunes on C: can be viewed as a browser with the actual files wherever one wants them stored. Thus if I had, say 200BG of music files, which would overwhelm my C: drive, in my case the 200GB is on the Network Storage and iTunes the browser.

I did have some trouble with the iTunes pathway to the Network Storage but I feel I just need to work with that to get it right.

I do plan to get another hard drive to archive my Network Storage. The ReadyNV+ has a USB port just for this purpose.