Network Music Player

Just getting into PC audio and I'd like to know what would work best with my setup. I have a Synology NAS with my music in one room, my router running my home network in another room, and my stereo system in a third room consisting of an Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC+ into an Edge electronics i3 integrated amp and LSA statement monitors. I'm looking for an inexpensive network player that I can control with my iPAD2 and that would allow me to access my NAS via the home network. It should have wifi capability as I can't run cable from the router to the player without destroying walls and floors (the router is in a room with my desktop computer). I also want to take advantage of my DAC's 24bit/192KHz USB input to play hi-res files. Any suggestions?
i went the apple tv route, works great for me
Any squeezebox unit or sonos fits the bill, lots of options