Network Media player with Dac Recomendations

I am seaking help from those of you here with real experience with Network media players with built in DAC’s.
A bit of background:
I started with a Mac Mini and Hi-Rez files to an external DAC (benchmark DAC 1. And later my McIntosh C2500)
running all the various software players (j river etc ). Sounded surprisingly good. But could be better and simpler.
Next I have an Aurender N100 to my McIntosh C2500. Sounds better but occasionally the C2500 locks up when changing sample rates and requires a re-boot.  So now the next quest is a Media player / Network Player with DAC that is simple operate and will take the SQ to yet another level of improvement. 
I have no dealer near me so I can not easily audition in my system.   Considering :
1. Aurender A10 ( I like the idea that it stores the files internally so as not to rely on my NAS drive)
2. Naim NDX 2
3. AURALiC Vega G2
4. DCS Bartók. ( a bit more than I would prefer to spend )
5. Esoteric N-05
6. ?
Associated equipment :
Wilson Watt Puppy 6 / Watch dog sub
McIntosh C2500 tube pre
McIntosh MC 402 amp
Transparent Speaker and IC cables. Shunyata power 

Thank you

I owned the Esoteric N-05, just didn’t like the sound compared with other streamerDAC combos I’ve heard or owned. Also, I own an Aurender N100 and the new ACS10 and really like them, but again these need an external DAC.

My favorite Streamer/DAC was the Lumin S1. Wonderful sounding unit that I purchased used. However, I sold it because there wasn’t much difference between it and my Aurender N100 connected to a PS Audio Directstream DAC.

From your choices above, I would probably go with the A10 or G2. Can’t go wrong with either one.
Vsdoc, one of the best streamers on the market that will work with a top system is the new Lumix X1.

The Lumin X1 is one of the best sounding digital sources on the market most dealers are comparing the $14k Lumin with $25k and above dac and streamers.

We heard our first sample when we visited a client who bought one on our recomendation.

The X1 sounded remarkable even playing Spotify

The X1 is a state of the art device that employs a number of novel techniques which enable the Lumin to create a sound of great layered depth and clarity while still retaining a very liquid midrange.

The Lumin X1 is a huge leap over the S1 and over many other digital platforms.

The X1 employs a totally new analog stage with the same Lunhedel silver wired transformers in the analog stage as the S1 the new analog stage offers even greater transparency while still having the analog like tonality that all Lumin products have.

The digital engine has been redesigned to allow for DSD 512 also with a totally new very advanced digital processing board with greater processing power,  new femto clocks with FPGA filtering program, coupled with improvements to ground plane routing and an increased and more regulated outboard power supply enables the X1 to derive the best possible performance out of the ESS Dac chips as well as providing a much more stable power to the analog stage. 

If you are looking for a destination streamer the Lumin X1 is a standout.

We have the Naim NDX 2 and it is very good and has an amazing feature set, it just isn’t qute as magical as the Lumin which has a layered depth of fleld that you just have to hear to believe how good it sounds, however, we will be testing the the outboard, XPS power supply which may take the Naim into a similar league as the Lumin we have an X1 on order as well, and we have two clients who are amazed with their X1.

When you add an XPS to a Naim preamp/dac like the NAC 272 the sound relaxes, the images grow much bigger and you get increased clarity and punch. The ability to grow with the Naim might be a perfect solution for those who can’t stretch to the X1.

Currently the X1 are selling really well as the word is slowly getting out, Six Moons loved the demo and so did Mono and Stereo a Japanese publication also just raved over the X1.

Another great factor is the Lumin app is super easy to use and allows for upsampling without having to add another device, and Spotify, Tidal and Quobuzz is built into the super easy to use Lumin app.

The DCS sound is a love hate thing, DCS tends to offer remarkable clarity but many people find the DCS sound to be a little more detailed then liquid we have not heard the Bartok.

We did have a client who traded in a DCS Rossini which was an $18k Dac/player for a Lumin A1 a junior model from Lumin at $6,500.00 which smoked his Rossini, same comment the Lumin was easier to relax to.

We have’t heard the lastest Auralic products the G2 is supposed to be very good. The Auralic’s tend to be clean and balanced.

The Naim and Lumin’s definately have a more analog type presentation, while still keeping detail.

We have one of the largest collections of high end digital brands on the East Coast including: Mytek, Aqua, T+A, Aurender, Lumin, Naim, LH Labs, Nuprime, Innous and a few others.

If we can be of further assistance please feel free to contact our office.

Good luck with your search.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ