Network digital players--any good?

OK, the Squeezebox is seemingly passe so looking at other options for the wife to stream stuff off Pandora, her Ipad and probably for me off the PC. Also, currently using an old Preamp and running the ST through my Cambridge Audio CDP DAC. So, it coudl be time for a preamp, DAC and streamer OR all 3 rolled into one...which seems to be a growing thing. SO, anyone got input on this...familiar with the current stock. I found both a Marantz unit and a Musical Fidelity CLIC1 for sale at Music Direct and Audio Advisor. Probably more mid-fi? I am kind of out of my knowledge base looking at this stuff. I see much higher priced unis from Bryston etc but I am looking more around $1000. IS any of this stuff worth looking at?
I'm exploring similar options. Many manufacturers want to do it all for you, so computer, DAC, hard drive all-in-one. I don't like that. Check out the Sonore Rendu, and if that does not fit the bill, check out the products from Small Green Computer. Good stuff, but pricier than the now discontinued Squeezebox.
I believe the PS Audio Perfectwave w/bridge would be another (likely better) option but you'd be looking at slightly over $2000 used for the MKII and a few hundred less for the MK1. The one's you are looking at are likely very decent options for your needs but probably not much better (if at all) than your current solution. The SBT through the Cambridge Audio 740 or 840C isn't a bad deal at all. Maybe you'd be better off upgrading the preamp/amp if you feel that's a weak link?
I'm in a similar position using the networked SBT into a PS Audio NuWave (which replaced a CA 840C, BTW) and I've been looking for another networked solution to get the SBT out of the loop. I've looked at the same products you have, as well as the Rendu, and I just felt they wouldn't be that much of an upgrade, if any, so my next step will likely be the Perfectwave. Then again I guess it depends on whether you are looking to just consolidate into less gear or strictly going for the next SQ level.
The good thing about upgrading from the SBT though is that you can usually get quite a bit more than you paid for them due to the fact that they are discontinued but still very sought after.
I have a lot of experience with many of these. I think you are better off to keep the Touch and just improve the jitter from it. Buying a combination product usually involves compromises, particularly to what counts most, the jitter.

The jitter of the SB Touch can be reduced by adding:

Synchro-Mesh reclocker
Dynamo power supply
BNC-BNC cable with RCA adapters

This combo is $1548.00, all with 30-day money-back less shipping.

What is important here is to know that the jitter is the #1 issue with digital, so don't take a step backwards in this regard. Put your money where it makes the biggest difference, and that is not the DAC. After you have this reclocking solution it does not matter whether your source is a Touch, Sonos or a $50 DVD player from Walmart. They will all sound great.

The DAC is certainly important too, but it is much more expensive to get a significant increase in performance here compared to lowering the source jitter.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
If I was going to spend that much I'd just spend a bit more and get the PerfectWave and get the network and preamp capability plus a better DAC all in one. Some of those other network solutions very likely have compromises but I would bet the PerfectWave (which is a DAC first) with the digital lenses and quality design (and upgradability) would be hard to beat.
I am not really looking to go up SQ wise for the core use which is the wifes interests. I still like physical media for focused listening. I do think my preamp is a weak link (Acurus Rll) and my DAC is thru a Cambridge 740C which has had some issues with the transport. I am trying to look ahead but it may be taht I just ride it out for now. The digital universe seems to be in a constant state of change. I am curious about the Musical Fidelity CLIC simply because it does seem to offer a decent DAC and an analog preamp along wiht the network player. Need to check that out further.
Thanks for all the responses. Seems I am not alone in this search.
For basic internet radio type streaming I would look at the Apple TV. It's cheap and works extremely well (especially with iDevices) and should be good enough SQ for your wife's needs. For yourself, another path perhaps. You're right, the digital universe is rapidly changing and you could wait awhile, or not. Consider a pc/dac combination for your future.