Network digital players--any good?

OK, the Squeezebox is seemingly passe so looking at other options for the wife to stream stuff off Pandora, her Ipad and probably for me off the PC. Also, currently using an old Preamp and running the ST through my Cambridge Audio CDP DAC. So, it coudl be time for a preamp, DAC and streamer OR all 3 rolled into one...which seems to be a growing thing. SO, anyone got input on this...familiar with the current stock. I found both a Marantz unit and a Musical Fidelity CLIC1 for sale at Music Direct and Audio Advisor. Probably more mid-fi? I am kind of out of my knowledge base looking at this stuff. I see much higher priced unis from Bryston etc but I am looking more around $1000. IS any of this stuff worth looking at?

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I am not really looking to go up SQ wise for the core use which is the wifes interests. I still like physical media for focused listening. I do think my preamp is a weak link (Acurus Rll) and my DAC is thru a Cambridge 740C which has had some issues with the transport. I am trying to look ahead but it may be taht I just ride it out for now. The digital universe seems to be in a constant state of change. I am curious about the Musical Fidelity CLIC simply because it does seem to offer a decent DAC and an analog preamp along wiht the network player. Need to check that out further.
Thanks for all the responses. Seems I am not alone in this search.