Network cabling for BlueSounds' Node 2i Network server

I plan to purchase a Node 2i later this week.  
Question regarding ethernet cabling: What quality and bandwidth capacity would you recommend for connecting the Node 2i to my Fios Router? My router is in my den on the second floor, while my stereo system is in the basement. I just plan to drill a opening in my drywall and run the ethernet cabling (about 50 ft.) to the Node 2i in the basement.
 Here were some of the types cabling I've looked at below. It seems the higher the numerical number, the more the bandwidth:
Cat 6, Cat 7, and RJ45 High Speed Internet network cable.  
Obviously, I want to purchase the cabling that provides the best possible transmission but, don't want to buy something that is overkill.
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I see. I just thought I had read that the Ethernet connection provided an advantage over Wifi.  My question was not over the length of the cable but, the quality of the bandwidth it transmits. 

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Thanks so much for this information. I have been looking at the cat6 cable with the RJ45 connectors. Good advise on not bending it also.  I think I will also want to upgrade my current FIOS router to a Quantam 5Ghz as well.