Network Acoustics Muon ethernet filtering system - Improving streaming sound quality

Network Acoustics recently rolled out a new top tier ethernet filtering system named Muon. It betters their already highly effective ENO offering which I purchased some 18 months ago.  I posted about the ENO filtering system back then and you can read it at the link located at the bottom of this member review.  

Everything I said about the ENO filtering system also applies to the new Muon system.  However, the Muon system offers even better sound quality by removing a greater amount of electronic and RFI/EMI noise.  The Muon filter is a passive device so their is no need for a power supply or power cord. That’s great! 

Like many of my fellow Agoners, I have come to depend on Qobuz and Tidal streaming for my music playback. I have not used any physical media in over 5 years, but also realize today’s servers/streamers can all benefit from digital noise blocking systems such as the Muon.  From high end audio switches to high quality ethernet cables I have learned they can all improve the sound quality of our streaming front ends.  I have tried going the fiber optic route and used other products such as the EtherRegen and while they do improve sound quality I find  the MUON system more musically engaging and compelling.  Here is my current digital front end:

(Netgear NighHawk modem/router powered by an LPS > Network Acoustics ENO ethernet cable> English Electric 8Switch powered by an LPS > Network Acoustics MUON ethernet cable > MUON ethernet filter > Innuos Zenith III >  Tchernov Ultimate USB cable -Mojo Audio Evo dac)

The MUON system is made up of the MUON filter and Muon ethernet cable.  You can buy these separately, but you’ll receive a nice discount by buying both as a system package. Here is a link to the Network Acoustics Website:

I purchased the MUON system and have been enjoying it for several months now.  I feel it betters the ENO range in several important sonic ways. The noise floor is further reduced revealing more inner detail of instrument and voice.  This increased inner detail reveals subtleties previously lost.  In the end my music sounds more real and less reproduced. For me, improving realism is everything! 

With streaming it seems more difficult to obtain a nice 3D presentation as compared to a high end CD spinner.   Sometimes streaming can sound relatively flat compared to CD playback.  I found the Muon filter system delivered a more immersive experience due in large part to improving the 3D performance.   

For me the Muon filter is well worth the asking price as it made my listening sessions even more enjoyable. The rest of my system includes a Circle Labs A200 integrated amp, Fyne F704 speakers with upgraded crossovers and internal wire, and both Hijiri & Tchernov cabling.  













Nicely put together digital front end.  Never heard the Mojo server and bet it is very good! 

I just upgraded to the newer Network Acoustics Muon Pro ethernet filter and streaming cables. I continue to be very impressed with these Network Acoustics digital streaming products. 

My wife and I immediately heard the music fill in much more between the speakers. I did not expect that, but it was easily heard.  We also enjoyed even greater realism of voice and instrument. Voices were now connected with bodies increasing the realism of vocals wonderfully.  More “stuff” was removed from the signal helping us hear much further into recordings. Smearing or blurring of instruments seemed to vanish as we could hear separate instrumental lines previously hidden. Yes, resolution was improved nicely, but the tonality remained natural and not presented as hyper detailed.  Nice! 



Appreciate your feedback, looks like your open the floodgates with Muon Pro streaming kit. I always felt as good as ENO is, it is still holding back your server or streamer to reach its max potential especially if its network connectivity is designed for Gigabit Ethernet. My streaming took a giant leap when I upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet.