Netgear NAS Incompatibility with Mac OS X 10.68

I am not good with computers, but I need to store a large part of my collection for space reasons. I bought a Netgear NAS (RAID, 3 TB) and it won't recognize my MacBook.
I will try it with a Windows laptop tomorrow when I bring one home from my office, but in my experience, if something doesn't work with Mac, and is suppossedly with Mac, Linnux and Windows, it won't work with anything.
I am tempted to ship back the NAS, but does anyone have any useful suggestions?
Did you ask for assistance from where you purchased it?
Call Netgear; but prior to doing so, take a DEEP breath. Their call center/customer service center is AWFUL.

I was routed to India and had to repeat everything no less than three times. After 2 or 3 call backs I finally got somebody who could help me.

Needless to say - a VERY frustrating experience; I do not buy Netgear products nowadays.
What is the NAS connected to? Typically an ethernet port on the NAS would be connected to a router, which in turn would assign an IP address to the NAS. If you are connecting the NAS directly to the computer via an ethernet cable, chances are it is not being assigned an IP address, which would result in the computer and the NAS being unable to communicate. Or is the connection via USB?

Can you also provide us with some idea of the overall network configuration. Is there a router, for starters? Is the computer connected to it via a wired connection or wirelessly?

And what is the specific model number of the NAS?

-- Al
The NAS and computer are independently connected to the router. The Netgear
diagram shows a line of stuff that is supposed to be displayed if everything is good to go. Mine only shows about half the stuff, although it seems to be assigning an IP address to the NAS. When I hit a button that says "search" for the NAS, I get a message that the NAS is "blinking" (there is no blinking that I can see from the LED lite on the NAS) Connections are all CAT-5.
Bought it from Staples. Employees give blank stares when I ask for help. Perhaps when they hit Puberty they might know something useful.
Will have model number of NAS later. Thanks, Al.
A couple of issues you should know about. Apple computers don't behave well on a network when roused from sleep (they want to keep the same IP address it seems) and the DHCP server has to re-initiate connections. If you have a copy operation to the NAS and it is configured to have a dynamic IP address you're uck-fayed. Configure the NAS for a static IP address and also configure your music server with a static address too.

Then on my "readynas" device (old) the most recent firmware upgrade destroyed the ability to be recognized by windoze and I had to downgrade the firmware in order to keep it working. Please check the 'net for any discussion forums about your particular server on this topic.