Netflix and Marantz AV7005

I have a Samsung smart tv hooked up to my Marantz AV 7005 pre-amp. When I select Netflix on the tv ,the netflix comes up with audio, but audio from the previous satellite channel also plays in the background. I have the hdmi1 arc out connected to my set top box in on the Samsung TV.
Check the volume on the Samsung, my guess it is on.
I wish it were that simple. The Internal speakers are turned off.But thanks for the response .
I assume that if you turn off the sat box the audio drops as well? If so that is one fix, but obviously you have able through somewhere. I think your best approach is start unplugging the HDMI and/or audio connectors one by one till the sound stops. Then try a different cable on that connection. You mention having HDMI 1 connected direct from SAT out to TV in, do you also have a SAT out to the AV7005 and the a HDMI from the Av7005 to the TV? If so why the direct SAT to TV If the TV speakers are turned off?
Your Marantz probably has an audio pass through feature that needs turned off. Is the Satellite hooked directly to the Marantz?
As Theo mentioned, I believe this is the best way to hook up your system:

1) Sat box into AV7005 via HDMI
2) AV7005 into TV via HDMI
3) TV digital out (coax or TOSLINK) into AV7005 digital in.

Then assign a selectable input to the Sat box and define its audio as being the digital in from the TV...

I tried the hdmi cable connected directly to the tv and then put it back to sat 3 on the AV 7005 both to no avail. I have tried the arc connection from the marantz to the arc on the tv and result is the same. I can run netflix fine if I go though my OPPO but would like to get it through the smart tv.
I have the same problem, ie the sound of the tv backround plays at the same time as the Netflix sound which is low as well. I called bestbuy's geek squad to come and take a look, when I gave them the tv model number they said that for some reason Samsung wont allow Netflix to go through ? don't know if that's true, sounds like its a possibility, but thinking of getting a roku 3 and wondering if that will work. I have a Samsung pn64f8500 plasma tv.
good luck!