net radio

Does anyone hear listen to internet radio? I've been listening to Radio Paradise a lot lately. The audio codec is 320kbs AAC. It sounds pretty good to me. In fact I'm not sure I could tell the difference between it and CD. I haven't tried.  I first started listening in order to hear new music, stuff I haven't heard before, and this station is perfect. They play stuff I'm really starting to like.No rap, hip hop, metal, country, nothing I don't like.Some of the music is hypnotic. If anyone here can find it give it a listen and see what you think. I receive it on a Yammy Aventage AVR that has wi-fi and net streaming. There's hundreds of net radio stations. I had no idea.
I like Radioparadise. I listen a lot when I’m working or driving. I always hear new music. Multiple genres too. There are many good internet stations. They don’t match the quality of CDs or Tidal but are still good. 
Hello. While I don’t listen to internet radio, I have tried it but prefer the sound quality of Tidal and Qobuz streaming. If you can’t hear much difference it is likely due to limitations of your equipment. AVR’s and typical mass market home theater gear and setups are not ideal for music playback. But that said, glad you are finding new music that moves you. That is really most important thing.
Happy new year!
No, that’s not it. It’s the other way around. My equipment is superior to yours. The AVR only receives the internet stream. It then sends it to a high-end amp and speakers. The reason you think you hear a difference is because your gear isn’t good enough to reproduce internet radio sound the way it’s capable of sounding.
My equipment is superior to yours.
Did someone REALLY just say that??
I'm also a fan (and supporter) of Radio Paradise. You owe it to yourself to check out their lossless flac stream if you can and, yes, it sounds better than the 320 AAC stream. 
I did try to do just that but I can’t figure out how to do it on the AVR. I know I can do it on my computer, but the stream is received directly by the AVR over my home’s wi-fi. There’s no option, as far as I can tell,on the AVR, to choose a different codec option. I have read that there has been double-blind testing done in which listeners tried to distinguish, reliably and consistently, between CD and 320kbs AAC, and no one was able to do it. But you’re right I would like to hear the FLAC stream. For the record the AVR is a Yammy Aventage and the pre-amp section is feeding a Schiit Vidar amp which is driving a pair of Magnepan LRS speakers. The speakers are new and sound amazing. I've been an audiophile for forty years and I've never heard anything like them.
I have an internet radio. For me, this radio is perfect for overnight listening to an enormous number of stations from all over the world. It is designed for home or office use because it uses your wifi connection, not the airwaves. (Though it does pick up local FM stations also).

I live in a small town with terrible radio reception. Only a couple of horrible local talk stations, and only a few FM music stations. This small, good looking portable internet radio has changed my life. 
But now I'm too busy to listen to it.