Neotek KHS-188 interconnect cable

Did anybody try a Neotek KHS-188 interconnect cable?

In my system, it defeated a much more expensive cable. Neotek is a pure silver cable, but unlike many other brands, it is neither bright nor overincisive. It is soft and musical, yet perfectly captures recording media, and has lots of "air" around instruments.

I will appreciate your comments.

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Yes I tried the Neotech, but in my Krell system I found that the extra detail was obtained at the expense of attack and timing of the music.

I felt that the Neotech was better suited to Clasical music and sold the cable, replacing with Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista cable.


Indeed, what it lacks is timing, though it does sound good in my vacuum tube system.

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I bought the (OCC Silver) NA 12165, it's a bigger model than the KHS188 and the UP-OCC copper 12260 cable(their best copper cable). Also bought a digital cable: ND-021080 pure solid silver. I've terminated only the digital cable with WBT cinch connectors yet. So i've got some work to do and some "break in" too. But the FryKleaner will help.
I have the KHS 188, and the NA12165. the stock 12165 is superior in detail, but is a little slow. Replacing the connectors, cryoing, and a couple other tricks totally transform this cable. The modified 12165 has been put up against Argent, Acoustic Zen, and Van den Hul. Beat all but one, and that was a tie. I am getting 4 more spools of 12165 now, for my custom installations, etc..
thanks for your interesting reply!