Neotech UPOCC Silver Interconnects vs AZen

Has anyone had a chance to A-B Acoustic Zen Silver Ref 2 interconnects vs Neotech?

The latest offering from Neotech uses UPOCC Silver 7N. There are 2 versions NEI-1001 and NEI-1002. They also have a line one down which uses single crystal silver 5N. Has anyone tried any of these products
Neotech makes Zen.
From a conversation I had with Robert Lee of AZen this is correct. Although he held out the claim he keeeps some of the shielding desin and conductor geometry his own proprietary trade knowledge. He did not however deny the relationship or the fact he sources from Neotech. They are also the OEM manufacturer for Harmonic Tech, Audience, and probably quite a few others. In fact, anyone who claims to use 7N OCC single crytal copper or silver in their cables may be at least using their conductors. I am presently breaking in a pair of last-gen NA-13192 and NA-12165 silver Ic's. These two cables are predecessors to the current NA-1001 and NA-1002 ic's respectively. Great workmanship. The NA-13192 uses locking Rhodium over 7N OCC copper rca's. The NA-1002 uses locking rca's which have an uncanny resemblence to the brushed alum rca's AZen uses on their Reference 2 ic. They sound fantastic. For the cost, there's no comparison.
I am using the Neotech silver top-of-the-line, as well as the topline copper (similar to AZ Matrix II) and their silver digital cable and find them to be simply awesome! I have also heard about the AZ connection. Seems Neotech are beginning to market the products themselves (instead of being OEM suppliers) and while prices are still affordable, I would advise all out there looking for premium cables at affordable prices to seriously consider the Neotechs. The workmanship and their proprietary connectors are superb!
Where are you guys getting the Neotech stuff? I know VH Audio carries some bulk cable, but where else?


AHFartAudio out of Taiwan sells them. Their website is:

Drop them an email. I have no affiliation, etc.
I wonder how this is going to affect Acoustic Zen's sales.
I think Ecosse, Neotech, Harmonic Tech, Luminous, Acoustic Zen and a few other ask WangLung in Taiwan to produce their cables.
Sometimes only the jacket is different (and the price ...)
This wouldn't surprise me..this hobby with some is more about the appearance and cost. Screw what's's how it looks that determines the sound.LOL
I own the Neotech NS-02525 which is now the ES-1002 = NS-02525. I upgraded to these cables from HMS speaker cables, it was a terrific upgrade on my system. These cables recently went head to head with some Nordost Heimdalls, I still have the neotech's as my main speaker cable and that is probably the last area I will ever look at for doing any tweaks or upgrades for the life of my system.

I was told that these OEM cables are the same ones marketed by other vendors, however, I have heard that neotech no longer sells OEM meterware cables.

UP-OCC (high purity, "monocrystalline") pure silver loudspeaker cables

High-End loudspeaker cable twisted from PE insulated 2 * 1,34 mm2 and 4 * 0,34 mm2 solid OCC silver conductors. The space between the conductors is filled up with hollow tubes. The twisted assembly is covered by Teflon tape and by a red/black nylon braid, protected by a transparent PVC tube. Outer diameter of the cable is 11,3 mm.

2 * 2 * 2,5 mm2 pure OCC silver solid and 2 * 2 * 2,5 mm2 pure OCC silver braided loudspeaker cable where the wires per channel are twisted on each other and are covered with a transparent PVC tube per channel. The two channels are also twisted on each other. The outer diameter is 35 mm.

NS 02525/3
A 2 * 3 m pair cable assembly made from the above cable, terminated with heavy duty, gold plated spade lugs.
Another source for Neotech products here in the U.S.

I have no affiliation other than to say I have purchased several Neotech products from Mike. They are an incredible value.