Neotech solid vs Dueland tinned vintage - spades? bananas? nothing?

I am putting together some cables and want to know if I should:

1. Neotech ohno solid copper cable;
2. duelland 16 arg tinned copper
3. spades
4. bananas
5. naked

My lavardin amps don't like high capacitance cable - makes the output stage unstable. They like simple cables and as such I have used DNM's for awhile. 

I previously had Nordost Heimdall 2 and they had a muddled sound - the dnm's put me at ease.

Anyway guys - what are your thoughts?
Depends why you're doing this. If its because you enjoy tinkering then try them all. If its for sound quality there are better out there for less money try a few and see. Synergistic has by far the widest selection range none of which are muddled like your Nordost so you might want to start there.