Neotech question NEI-2001

Quick question for any owners on these? Is the 11mm diameter with the tech flex or with out? If with, what is it without the tech flex.  Looking for different rca connectors for this.

11mm diameter with braided sleeve, and 10.5mm without.  This is an extremely thick cable.  I would recommend looking for a different cable as very few RCA connectors are large enough.  Best I can recommend is something like Furutech FP-120 (R) rhodium RCA connectors.  They support up to 11mm cable, but it can be difficult to wire/solder something like this.
Thanks, I was lookin* at the aeco 4055 that supports up to 10.5.

I am going to have to do a trial run with a 1m set to see how it goes.
Gave heard some really good things about this cable as an upgrade to my parts connection bl-ag ics 
I have a 1 meter pair of the Neotech 2001 silver interconnects with the Neotech gold xlrs. I contacted Jeff@Soniccraft and inquired about getting a set of I.Cs. built up. His suggestion was this cable and I had him to build my pair. No affilation kickbacks etc. I am pleased with the service and quality of the build. Now for the sound >All Bel Canto gear >cd player to dac 2.7 (Kimber Orchid) and the Neotech 2001 to pair of Ref 600 m amps using Focal Kanta 2 speakers (Furez copper 9 ga spk. wire with Viborg Rhodium banana plugs. To me the best sound yet as it is very transparent with a hint of warmth. Smooth and musical at least my foot says so with all the tapping taking place. Thru my  many years and all the cables bought/sold/built I am happy. with this cable. Perhaps the xlrs are jewelry but what money I have in these I could not have bought a pair boutique cables for  this amount(with 3.50$) neutrik conns. Maybe just as good but the only one to please here is myself. Good luck in your search for musical bliss. Just giving my results and thoughts as your may vary..
Thanks, I have 20 ft on order with eti silver link rcas to make leads to my amps and a pair from my phono pe to my pre.

I know I am late to the party, however after doing some research I find out two things.  Besides this being a monster sized cable, it actually contains almost double the silver vs the NEMOI-1120.

So I am not going to give it as a tick, but I see some websites advertising it as UP-OCC silver, and according to Neotech it is not, probably why it contains twice the amount of silver.

The design does look competent, however I am really curious to know the capacitance, induc, and resis on the cable.  They did publish this for NEMOI line, but do not see any information for this cable.  That cable is looking very good.

Yes, I do realize this going to be a short run and all of that probably doesn't matter with such a short cable, however I was just curious to know where it stands. I could careless if it's OCC.

Now as mentioned with the connectors that's another tough one, I am trying to get the Xhadow rca connectors, but the large size only fits a maximum of 10.2 mm, not sure if I can get that sucker to fit or if I need to sand it down.

In addition to that, I mean the whole cable is silver, running copper at the end would be hurting the results, am I right? I know you cant get a pure silver rca connectors unless you really want to drop a lot of money.  

Just looking into this cable as I can get about 10 ft right now for 275 dollars, that's about 28 a foot which is almost half the price of sonic craft.  So I am not sure if I should pull the trigger or not with this RCA situation.

How much were the silverlinks Kro?

Wanted to double back, as I got a response from Neotech.  I find it odd the NEMOI-1220, 1120 above is a typo, which is their newest most advanced interconnect cable actually measures worse than this cable.

The measurements for the 2001 are as follows.
R .024 Ohm/m
C 72.51 pF/m
I .7 uH/m

R .054
C 38.19
I .86

I find this extremely odd, and furthermore with the 2001 simply just being pure silver with far more impurities.  The differences will be virtually inaudible, however the price is extremely audible with the 1220 coming in at about ~15 dollars more per foot