Neotech NEI-3001 vs Harmonic Tech Magic Mk 1 IC's

I have Harmonic Technology Magic Mk 1 IC's, 3 meters, XLR, balanced that drive my active ATC loudspeakers. Over time I have learned that Neotech that is the mfg for many of today's cable companies to include HT.

Has anyone A/B'ed these two cables? I wonder if the 3001s are a better cable than the HT Magics?

I have the impression that Neotech makes most of the single-crystal OCC cable used in high-end ICs and speaker cables, e.g., it looks like my Atlas ICs are Neotech right off the spool with plain-jane outer jacket. I love Acoustic Zen cables, and methinks they are custom made by Neotech to an AZ recipe. The HT Magics probably are Neotech, too.
" Neotech is owned by Wan Lung of Taiwan which is the OEM supplier of OCC copper/silver cables for many of the big names in the audio industry such as Acoustic Zen and Harmonic Technology "
I use the 3001 as my phono cables. I'm expecting two more pair to go from the phono preamp to the switcher, then to the amp. Best cable I've used. It will be replacing Nordost Heimdahl & Solar Wind.
I just ordered a 2ft pair of XLR NEI 3001's cryoed and burned in by take five audio in Canada. Will replace a pair of RCA HT pro sil III IC's