Neotech interconnects and speaker cables

I have seen many interconnects by Neotech with a 50% discound. They appear to be factory terminated and sealed. Has anyone got any of them? NEI 3005, UP-OCC, triple shielding, interconnect. $47,00. What about their speaker cables. Have you tried any? How do they sound compared to other brands? The budget NES 5001 seems to have very good design and technology, and it is 11 gauge!! Has anyone heard it?
From my own DIY experiences, I've found the Neotech stuff to run hot and cold.

e,g. their hookup wire is extremely good, but their plugs and connectors are average performers.

I use the hookup wire for the neutral in my DIY interconnects with amazing results.

'i've tried their mains, RCA's and bananas and did not like them compared to those I use now.

Never tried their bulk cables.

If you are looking for performance at resonable price try JW Audio.