Neotech cables

I'm thinking about getting the Neotech Amazon IC. Have anyone ever had the chance to audition them or have any thoughts about this company? 

the new tech Amazon and Sahara are both extremely good cables they'll go up against stuff that's probably three four times as much.

Construction has a lot of similarities with Audio Sensibility's Signature line.  I wonder how they compare

the only problem with the Amazon and the Sahara line is the speaker cables are stiff as a board you have to basically go with the curve in the cable the way it is it won't conform to what you want to do, but the sound OMG much better than round OCC wire.

I made my own power cords using Neotech cable and the top Furutech plugs.   Excellent

I made my own speaker cables using Neotech wire and top of the line Furutech banana plugs.  They sound excellent but really don't have a lot of experience with other speaker cables to compare it to.