Neotech cables

Which speaker and interconnect cables out of the Neotech line are the ones to get? Thanks for your time.
It's hard for me to replace my NEI 3001 I/Cs. I use them for a phono cable from my TT to the phono stage. XShadows (large) on the TT end and WBTs on the p/s end. I have two other sets with different connectors (vampire & MAS). At one point, I used them all. A change in the system eliminated the need for the last two. It's a very good cable, depth, bass, soundstage & smooth HF are there.
I am also contemplating getting some for my amp to preamp. I found some of the Neotech NEI 3001 (cryoed) at an audio dealer in Canada:

Vh Audio carries Neotech, however, only the NEI3002.

I have the previous generation of the NEI3001 and they serve as my reference cable compared to many other highly priced cables. The Neotech allows the music to sound natural, all of the instruments sound more real and not artificial with the right amount of timber and edge on drums and other instruments.
Ok, thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll make a note of that model number. Sounds like a great cable. Now which of the speaker cables would you recommend?

Thanks again.
i use the nei-1002, 8 9's continuous cast silver cable.
i use the nei-1002, 8 9's continuous cast silver cable.
Ok, thanks, I'll make a note of it!
I use Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II and Atlas Titan ICs.
Neotech is the OEM for Acoustic Zen, or do you already know this?
I'm looking at the NES-3002 speaker cable (with bananas) and NEI-3001 interconnects (balanced xlr) I would get the silver cables (those must be unbelievable) but the copper is all I can afford.

Is this a good match, or no?
Using Neotech NES-3001 speaker cables in bi-wire configuation terminated with Furutech spades by Sonic Craft where I purchased the bulk cable. Very nice.

Also Neotech NEP-3001, NEP-3002, NEP-3200 power cables all DIY with Furutech AC terminations.
Bulk cable NEP-3001 & 3002 from Sonic Craft, NEP-3200 from VHAudio.

ICs are Oyaide FTVS-910 bulk silver cable terminated with Neotech NEX-OCCGD XLRs (among the best quality XLRs I've seen).
Digital cable is Neotech NEVD-2001 bulk silver cable terminated with silver contact pin Oyaide BNCs.

ICs and digital cable were assembled for me by Drew Baird of Moon Audio because I thought it best to have a professional do it (personal soldering skill zero plus you need to know where to connect shields and where to float).

I guess you could say I like Neotech (and Oyaide, and Furutech).
Nice! Those must sound very good indeed! My dealer is getting the cables direct from Neotech. So they will be terminated by them with their connectors. I inquired about the NES-3001, and my dealer prefers the NES-3002! :D
NES-3002 is very similar to Harmonic Tech Pro 9 and Pro 11, with the construction being almost exactly the same except for the conductor size. NEI-3001 has a nice rich tonality and solidity, with good full bass, but can tend toward sounding a touch thick, although a preferred option to some high resolution cables I have heard that sacrifice tonal density for detail and end up sounding thin.

I find the comment about a dealer liking NES-3002 better than NES-3001 interesting since the construction is totally different. The 3002 is a twisted pair while the 3001 is woven around a core, although both use individually insulated solid core OCC conductors. I believe the individual wires in the NES-3002 are insulated with a foamed polypropylene (at least the HT wires I have taken apart use foamed PP insulation), which I tend to prefer over Teflon (which is used in the NES-3001).
Hi Mitch,

The dealer said, and I quote:

"Stick with the NES-3002. The NES-3001 is a solid core design which means it has more bass and dynamics, at the expense of fine detail. The NES-3002 has better overall performance and system compatibility IMHO."

The NES-3002 is less expensive than the NES-3001. If the dealer just wants to make more profit then he would recommend the NES-3001, true?

I'm definitely getting the NEI-3001 from amp to preamp (balanced xlr) and from phono preamp to preamp. And if I get a dac, from that into the preamp.
The NES-3002 also use solid core conductors, with each conductor individually insulated. The Sonic Craft website has links to construction diagrams of both cables. I am using a double run (in bi-wire) of the HT Pro-11+ which is the exact construction of the NES-3002 except the individual conductors are each a smaller gauge for an aggregate of 11 awg.

I just sold a bunch of NEI-3001 bulk cable but kept one balanced pair with Furutech FP 601/602 connectors, that I like to use occasionally for comparison purposes.

All their cables are very well constructed and use OCC copper or high quality silver conductors. That they offer the cable in bulk is an added bonus.
Yes, being able to choose both cable and terminations is a real attraction for me. It allows experimentation, plus you get a little more involved in the process. I could see where some might consider this a hassle but I've enjoyed it.

BTW: My NES-3001 have been bi-wired with a few more strands going to the bass and IMO they sound quite good.
Hi Mitch,

Yeah that's interesting. And I bet they are well constructed.

I can't wait to put them in my system!
Neotech is one of my favorite cables but a similar cable that I discovered that is even better for the money is the Oyaide cables with pure silver conductors. I experienced a mind blowing leap in signal resolution but without a hint of brightness. Give these a try if you have a chance.
Hi Larry, sounds interesting. I appreciate silver cables. It looks like the cable co. has them. I'll probably give them a try. Is there anywhere else I can buy from?
Sonic craft has neotech and I think V-Cap website may have something. Neotech is coming out with new wire I think? Any know for sure?

Ok, cool. Hmm, not that I know of. Where did you hear about that, may I ask?