Nem preamp Electrocompaniet or Mark Levinson?

I’m not satisfied with the rendition of details and sound stage of my system. Apart from that I’m very satisfied with it’s musicality and big, full, warm sound , it’s impressive “wall of sound” and it’s realistic rendition of violins and other acoustic string instruments. The system consists of EDGE GCD CD player, Electrocompaniet EC 4.7 preamp, Mark Levinson no. 27.5 power amp, Focal jmLab 907Be speakers and also a vinyl front end. As I anticipate the preamp is the weak link as for the detailing, I consider to upgrade the preamp. As the constellation seem to work well apart from the detailing issue, I consider to stay with same brand and get a used Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 which according to various fora should have a considerably better resolution. It can be found from some 1500 - 1800 USD. I could also stay with the brand of the power amp and get a Mark Levinson no. 380S which can be found from some USD 3000. Or I could go for a Mark Levinson for the same price as the EC 4.8 which will be a 38S. Any input and hints? By the way I listen mainly to classical music with few instruments such as violin sonatas, string quartets and also pipe organ. The latter, rock and the like I want to hear LOUD meaning next upgrade will be a solution to how I can play loud and stay in class A (skipping the ML 27.5 or high efficient speakers….). Thank you.
I'd go for the Levinson 38S preamp. Keep the 27.5 amp! I like and believe the older Levinson amps (made before the company changed ownership) are better in SQ and build.