Neil Young - Way Down in the Rust Bucket

I have been streaming this new release quite a bit this past week, and it just gets better with each listen.
First of all, the performances are top notch. Neil and Crazy Horse are in fine form. No wasted notes, just great guitar jams. Second, but no less important, the sound quality is fantastic. I’m streaming from Qobuz in 24/192 and it sounds great.
As for the era, I own Ragged Glory but have never considered it my favorite era of theirs. This show is from that tour, and now that I’m hearing this show I really wish I had seen them on this tour. They are every bit as tight as any of the 70’s era live stuff I have heard.
I am considering the vinyl/DVD box set.  Have any of you purchased this one?  I'm curious to know the quality of the vinyl.  
My copy is enroute. I am excited for this release. Don't spook the Horse!

Happy Listening!
Can't stand his politics but love his guitar licks. An extremely underrated axe man.
Can't stand his politics but love his guitar licks. An extremely underrated axe man.

I agree about the politics.  I don't mind that he has strong political views, many of which I agree, but I prefer my music and politics separated.  This is not to say there is no place for politics in music, but I prefer the subtle approach.  Bob Dylan was very political, but his wording and phrasing made it more poetry than political rant.  Neil is not very subtle, at least not anymore.  One thing to say about Neil is that he cares a lot about the future of our country.  I can't fault him for caring, but I do get tired of the rhetoric.  He hasn't made any interesting music in a long time (IMHO), probably because he's let his politics take the front seat.  
I'll check it out on Qobuz. But 62.00 for the vinyl release is a hard pill to swallow.......


62 bucks for almost 9 hours of music doesn't seem like such a bad deal when I often pay close to that for one MFSL release with 40 minutes of music.  I have a hard time making the time commitment to listening to big vinyl box sets though, it's much easier to digest in chunks streaming it.  Still listening, only 80 some songs to go.